10 Best Homeowners Insurance for Rental Property in 2022-2023


10 Best Homeowners Insurance for Rental Property in 2022-2023

This article will explain the ten best homeowners insurance for a rental property in 2022-2023.

Between the years 2014-2017, the average cost of the homeowner’s insurance was only claimed due to the damage from the fire or the lightning, which was more than $68,000.

With such a large potential of the liabilities which result from the damage to the rental properties, it is also very critical for all the landlords to purchase the appropriate converge for their investment property–even if their tenants have a separate renter’s insurance.

To help all the landlords find the right coverage, we looked at the 10 best national insurance carriers and the brokerage firms before settling on the best insurance. Then, we assessed the insurers based on their availability, pricing options, coverage, and transparency to build our list of the best rental property insurance companies.

Ten best Homeowners Insurance

1. State farm

The company was founded in 1923 and had an A rating for all the financial stability from AM best. The largest property insurer in the U.S., State Farm, was also ranked #39 in 2020. Fortune 500 list was of the largest companies.

The company is headquartered in Illinois and the landlord’s insurance nationwide through a vast network of its agents. However, the agents can only ensure properties in these states where the agent’s office is located.

Landlord insurance for all the State Farm is priced on the property replacement costs, liability limits, and all the landlord’s deductibility. All of the other coverage is automatically included as a percentage of the dwelling coverage, such as all of their structures and the rental income losses. State Farm also covers vacancies if they are result from a covered peril such as a fire or some of the other forms of physical damage to their property.

State Farm will not cover the loss of the rent due to te things like the local government prohibitions against using the property for short-term rental. In addition, all of the other common perils are not covered by the basic rental dwelling policy, which includes the damage caused by flooding or earthquakes. State Farm’s rental property insurance also will not cover the loss of your rental due to the inability to pay your mortgage, which is the result of a disability or even death.

2. Liberty Mutual 

This insurance company gets the nod for the best claims because of its fast response times and the 24/7 claims center. While most of the rental property policies purchased from Liberty Mutual will protect you up to the actual replacement cost, the company also lets the landlords ensure the properties for the purchase price or some other stated amount.

Liberty Mutual was founded around 1912 and had an excellent Financial Strength Rating of the A(Excellent) with the AM Best. Like State Farm, the company will provide coverage through a nationwide network of captive agents who are incredibly responsive.

When we have contacted Liberty for the Mutual for all the details about their coverage, we have got a very response within 24 hours from the regional representative, who was very much forthcoming with all the details.

All the rental insurance from Liberty Mutual will always cover both the physical property and the landlord liabilities for only the premises. Additionally, landlords have the option of adding coverage for personal property, rental value, inflation protection, or even umbrella coverage to all of their policies.

Like all the other providers, flood insurance is not included unless the landlords specifically the odd coverage, which may often mean getting a secondary policy through the National Flood Insurance Program.


GEICO was actually founded around 1936 in Fort Worth, Texas. While the company always has an A++, a superior rating from the AMBest, this also does not matter for the rental property insurance policyholders because the GEICO will not offer landlord coverage directly.

Instead, the company may serve as an agency to help the place of the landlord’s coverage with a vast network of the partner’s carriers based on all the individual landlord needs.

Through this vast network, GEICO offers rental property insurance in most states, depending on the property’s location. Every policy is written and based on the home’s replacement costs and location. It includes both the dwelling and any other structures on the property.

Policies also will cover the loss of the use–the value of the loss of the rent due to a covered peril such as the fire. However, vacancies during the tenet turnovers are still not covered. The standard excursions are earthquakes, sewer line backup, and natural flooding.

Suppose you are wondering why you should choose it. In that case, the simple answer is that we named GEICO our one of the best value because, of all of the dental insurance companies we just researched, GEICO is the only one that had no required minimum cost–customers can just purchase the policy with just no coverage or the premium limits. The company only will provide coverage, which is based on the replacement cost of the property.


USSA was founded in the year 1921 in San Antonio, Texas, by the Army officers who were having some trouble finding the carriers to ensure their cars since then, the company has also grown into one of the largest member-owned by the financial services companies in this world, and the now offers are banking and investment services in addition to the insurance and the annuities to the service members, families and the veterans.

While the USSA will provide rental property insurance to the landlords who have qualified for the membership, very few details about their coverage are publicly available.

We were still able to confirm that landlords can also insure up to 10 rentals with a single policy and get the coverage for the property itself, lost rental income for the covered events, and the personal liability. Landlords can also get the custom of home-sharing coverage if they only want to rent out a part of their primary residence.

Those who want more information about the rental property coverage from the USAA will always need to apply for the membership and submit the details about their property to get a very custom quote.

5. Trusted choice

This company is a national nonprofit insurance agency that was actually founded in the year 2001. The company is funded just by its partner carriers. So it has to steal the mission of taking the available information about the different types of coverage, costs, and benefits.

Using the Trusted Choice, landlords can also get quotes from more than the 65 top insurance carriers around the country with just a single application. Rental property, cost, coverage, and the claims processes vary based on which will provide you to choose. Still, the policies have typically protected the dwelling itself. The landlord liability is in the case of injuries, accidents, and umbrella coverage.

Income protection is also very much available as an add-on. With a trusted Choice, landlords can also add other coverage like worker’s compensation, flood insurance, inland marine, depending on their specific needs. 

Suppose you think that why should you choose it? The Trusted Choice is our very best brokerage option because the company has a very nationwide network of all the independent agents that will help all the landlords to find the policies from all the multiple carriers. So, in that case, this will help you find the exact coverage just to fit the specific needs and the budgets.

6. Erie Insurance

It always says much about the Eric Insurance that it will offer fundamental homeowners to cover that it is peerless within the market overall and then the ranks almost as high as the Amica when it comes to counter the satisfaction. Also in its favor are the excellent range of the add-ons if the very basic cover is still not enough and the available discounts.

Notably, Eric’s personal property will cover the imposed fewer exclusions than the equivalent cover from many of their competitors. At the same time, the coverage for the hard-to-replace items is more comprehensive than most.

However, where Eric does fall is limited to the geographical presence. It is also currently available in the 12 states and the District of Columbia, which is the main reason that will keep it from challenging for the top spot.

That said, we will still consider Eric to be the best for the standard cover overall. We will make an exceptional note of what it calls “guaranteed replacement cost,” which means that it would not subtract wear and will tear the estimate from your payout, even if you have to just rebuild your entire home.

7. Allstate

This insurance company is available across the U.S. and doing the basics exceptionally well; Allstate is an excellent option for home buyers and is looking for their first insurance package. An extensive agent of network and a comprehensive range of support resources means that first-time buyers should always be able to find the support they need.

In particular, Allstate’s online offering stands out, including the excellent home tool, which will provide you with personalized tips for the specific locations where you can store the photos of your possessions in the cloud-based inventory. 

8. Nationwide

Suppose you are looking for homeowners insurance that will offer you something a little bit different. In that case, Nationwide also hosts probably the most comprehensive range of features and discounts on this market.

For instance, what is it known as ordnance or the law coverage, which means that if your roof, electrical system, and plumbing are just severely damaged? And as well as then very usual concessions, Nationwide will offer the options, including the roof rating discount and a discount for living in a gated community.

9. Travelers

Suppose their environment is just something that you like to consider when your finances. In that case, Travelers are most likely to be the homeowners that the insurance company is just for you. So, again, a relatively standard, but the comprehensive ass-on and the range of the features are just elevated by a couple of the significant green innovations.

10. Amica Mutual 

When it comes to being the best homeowners insurance company overall, there are no surprises at all. Not only does Amica offer you a top-tier product, but it is backed by one of the best customer services in this sector as well.

Do not just take our word for it, though-the customers who will respond to the J.D. Power Home Insurance survey will recognize the Amica with the top marks years after the years, and for the 18 consecutive years, to be precise.

Final Words 

This article has discussed the ten best homeowners insurance for a rental property in 2022-2023. However, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.

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