10 Best Travel Insurance companies in 2022


10 Best Travel Insurance companies in 2022

This article will discuss the ten best travel insurance companies in 2022.

Best travel insurance companies 

If you are really spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to book a trip, It might make sense to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance may protect your investment for a trip if you have to cancel or even cut your journey short for several reasons, including weather, illness, government shutdowns, and many more. Many of the policies also provide you the benefits. For the lost luggage or the medical services received when you are abroad.

One of the best travel insurance policies is very affordable while still providing excellent coverage. They should also have few limits and exclusions and a high customer satisfaction rating. It would help if you also did your research to make a very sure policy that covers a particular trip. Now we are going to discuss the travel insurance companies of 2022.

1. Travelex 

Travelex will offer you extensive coverage for you or your whole family at a very competitive price–and kids are just included at no extra charge. A relatively low price for the high levels of convergence made it our top choice. Look for the Travel Select plan, which is for the best coverage.

Travelex Insurance Services is a very well-known travel insurance provider based in Omaha, Nebraska. It was founded in 1996; Travelex offers you several insurance packages depending on the needed coverage for your trip. . Specifically Berkshire Hathaway underwrites policies, Insurance company, which may earn an A+ rating from the AM Best and AA+ from Standard & Poor’s coverage, is also available to customers worldwide.

Travel is also covered up to 100% of the $25,000 for the cancellations. You can also receive up to 150% of the trip cost up to $37,500 for the trips interruptions, Emergency Medical limits are $50,000, and the emergency coverage is perfect for up to %500,000

In addition, Travel select has a very basic 15-day pre-existing condition exclusion waiver. For example, suppose you purchase your policy within 15 days of paying for your trip and ensure the full cost of the trip. In that case, your pre-existing injury or illness likely is also covered.

One of the pros about this insurance company is the competitive pricing for the comprehensive coverage, multiple plan options with customized features, and the children younger than 21 covered at no extra cost.

2. Allianz Travel 

Allianz gets the runner-up spot because of its extensive coverage for the frequent travelers with a meager cost per trip. Get the best coverage from all the AllTrips Executive plans. Individual trip coverage is also available. Allianz Travel is a subsidiary of the Allianz, which traces history back to 1889 in Germany. The insurers underwrite travel policies with AM’s best ratings of the A to A+. Unfortunately, they are also available only for the legal U.S. residents.

Travelers who may want to hit the road many times per year should just consider annual travel insurance rather than individual per-trip policies. Allianz Travel will offers four different annual plans with varying benefits of the levels. We particularly like the AllTrips Executive, which has the highest coverage and the limits.

AllTrips Executive will provide the tiered limits starting at $5000 for the trip’s cancellation or the interruption coverage. It also offers $50,000 for the emergency medical and the $250,000, which is for the emergency transportation, per insured, which is per trip. There is always a very lengthy list of the exclusions, including extreme sports, so you have to read the fine points before jumping into the adventure activities.

Quotes for a single traveler, a family, and a couple of the four had a price point of $500 per traveler per person per trip. You will also break even with this plan if you are going to play for all the comprehensive coverage, which the $120 per person per trip; you will also break even with this kind of plan if you are going to travel at least five times per year. Suppose you are looking for low costs. In that case, Premier, the AllTrip Basic, and the excellent options are available for Allianz.

3. InsureMyTrip 

You can compare the policies from more than 20 travel insurance providers with the one form, so you know you are getting a very good deal for the coverage you need. You can also find low-cost trips coverage or customize a plan to meet your needs so you do not have to overpay for the coverage you would not use.

Founded in year 2000, InsureMyTrip is a travel insurance comparison website that searches from more than 20 insurers using the one intake form. In addition, it will offer an easy-to-use signup tool to quickly compare the multiple policies based on your own specific needs. Filters are also available to pick up the policies covering adventure sports, increased medical coverage, and the higher limits. 

A quote for a family of four just to take a 14-day trip that would cost $4,000 and includes the plane and the hotel expenses resulted in the three suggested plans with the cost of around $1000 to around $400 for varying levels of the protection.

Fundamental features included luggage coverage, medical care, and travel delay. Note that the rates will differ based on where the customers are originating from, vacationing, and the other variables.

4. World Nomads 

Adventure travelers and digital nomads are actually well protected by this plan, which offers extensive coverage for some of the most extreme adventures. World Nomads is a good insurer for actually those who are looking for adventure. The Australia-based provider is a very solid choice for the worldwide travel with few excluded activities. Policies are underwritten by the various insurers, including the financially strong and well-known Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, AIG, and the Generali Global.

Coverage may include terrorist attacks, medical repatriation, assault, equipment and baggage, and overseas medical and dental. In addition, the high-end Explorer Plan may cover the activities, including snow sports, aviation, athletics, and high-adventure experiences. More than the 200 activities are named, and the other insurers exclude many.

5. HTH Worldwide 

High levels of medical coverage may be significant to senior travelers. They need excellent protection with flexible options while still on the budget. HTH Worldwide was founded in 1997. The HTH travel insurance will offer you plans with levels of medical coverage.

That is a considerable concern for the seniors leaving the country. They could end up in the doctor’s office or the hospital with an expensive bill to be followed. HTH Travel Insurance will offer up to $1 million coverage for the medical.

Policies for the travelers with the existing primary insurance enjoy 100% coverage for the typical hospital charges, including the surgery, office visits, and the tests of the U.S., among the other coverage.

Medical evacuations are also available up to $500,000, but the trip interruption and baggage coverage are beautiful. Therefore, most people will choose this plan for the medical, not the travel benefits. This policy is also available for applicants who are 95 years old and much younger.

6. Nationwide 

Multiple options may protect your cruise vacation with tailored coverage for the standard cruise trip issues. However, you have to make sure to review the benefit levels to pick the right one for your own needs.

Nationwide has been around since 1925 and will offers the most popular types of the insurance, including auto, home, and life. It also has an array of the travel insurance coverage for multi-trips, individual trips, and cruises.

Nationwide will offer the trip cancelation of up to $10,000 in its Essentials plan and the $30,000 in its Prime Plan to protect your single trips. In addition, travelers may also get an annual travel insurance package for just $59 a year to cover the delays, medical expenses, lost luggage, and travel assistance.

7. GeoBlue 

It offers you multiple options to buy travel medical insurance coverage for a significantly lower price than a complete travel insurance package. In addition, it may offer medical coverage on its own if you do not want it or need an additional journey to converge.

GeoBlue is also a part of the Worldwide insurance services and the policies that come with a Blue Cross Shield Association license. Policies are also issued by four ever-life International Limited, a company with over 60 years history and an A rating from the AM best.

If you need coverage just for the medical needs, GeoBlue is a perfect choice for you. This insurer will offer only travel medical coverage. Paying for the medical coverage means that you are not paying for the rest of your travel insurance, which you already may be covered.

If you already do have a credit card with travel insurance included, for example, lost the luggage and then missed the flights, you are most likely to be protected by your card’s terms. Instead, you may get covered just for the medical, and those costs are also as low as a few dollars per day.

Because you have mostly gotten the travel medical coverage, you will also pay a lot less than most of the other insurers on this list. However, to make sure that you completely understand what is not covered. You will also receive minimal luggage protection and travel interruption coverage with GeoBlue’s plans.


Strictly speaking, Medjet did not provide you with travel insurance in a classic sense. For instance, there are no coverage options for the trip cancellation, delay of baggage or loss, or other standard travel insurance from another provider.

Medjet operates on the membership model, with a number of the programs calibrated to fit the needs of the other types of travelers. Short-term memberships for the trips as short as eight days are also available, as are the programs for the students, the professors, and the long-term expatriates.


While a very quick glance at the AXA’s rather than the generic websites might suggest that there is nothing special about the company, the true values of its policies have become apparent when you look at what is covered.

The platinum plan for our $3,000 trips may cost a quote of $125 and may include a remarkable suite of the coverages. With the medical expenses capped at $250,000 and the medevac and the repatriation capped at a cool million, the plan may indeed live up to its precious namesake.

10. Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance will offer you three travel insurance plans that you can customize according to your own needs – a standard plan, a Preferred plan, and a Premium plan. Its Standard plan will provide you with one of the lowest levels of coverage. In contrast, the Premium plan will offer you much more coverage and higher limits of upfront cost.

The preferred plan does promise the same coverage as the Standard plan, but with much more special coverage for sporting equipment and sporting equipment delays. This plan will be a more valuable option if you are traveling for a golf tournament or a ski trip. 

Final words 

In this article, we have explained the best travel insurance companies. We have also explained the pros and cons and recommend you search your own to get the best knowledge.

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