Rule 34 | The best of Black Clover, Lesbian, Killua, Seven Deadly Sins & DBZ


Rule 34 | The best of Black Clover, Lesbian, Killua, Seven Deadly Sins & DBZ

The rules 1-5, 30-35, and 30-35 are consistent. However, the rest of them are very random. Rule 63 is the most popular. It allows for the gender-swapped version of everything. However, this is still relatively new. Most rules are a comment or reflection of recent trends or long-standing internet culture ”truths” or have to do with 4chan.

Internet laws exist as an independent concept. They focus on the way people respond to online interactions and arguments. These laws include Godwin’sGodwin’s law (whoever first brings up the Nazis loses the debate, and the subsequent notion of trying to trigger Godwin’sGodwin’s law on purpose will fail), Poe’s law (attempting to imitate far-right or, more generally, any extreme position will be taken to mean that you hold the position genuinely unless you specifically state the nature and content of your satire), as well as Skitt’sSkitt’s law (any post in which you correct another’s grammar or spelling will contain a grammar.

Rule 34 is a disgusting and sickly fetish kind of thing. Some people want to see characters in graphic sex scenes or jacking off. There are many Disney rule34 sites. I found one while searching for Beauty and The Beast. It was accidental, and I did not intend to click on it. One person posted rule34 photos of carebears and other such things on a forum. He even included pictures in which Bugs Bunny and other cartoon characters had visible genitalia, even though, as a rule, only male cartoon characters have visible genitalia.

What is rule 34? I understand what it means, but where did they get it?

Rule 34 is “If it exists, it is po*rn” There are no exceptions to this imaginary law. It states that any idea that could be made into po*rnography is possible. That is a reference to the ubiquity and variety of po*rn material available on the internet. These materials cover many topics that are socially unacceptable or simply bizarre. Fandom and fan service would lose fantasy and love for certain characters from franchises. That could be true for anyone who is a self-shipper and only ships a character they like. Theoretically, Rule 34 would not be there, so there wouldn’t be a fantasy swarm of characters that they love. Rule 63 also makes the character of the opposite gender possible, so these are things that are important to fans in general.

Beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder. One person’s definition of po*rn is different from another. This question is subjective.

How can adult film producers avoid being sued for copyright infringement and negative use if “Rule 34” is true?

One problem with “Rule 34” is that the relevant intellectual property laws are often not clearly defined.

For example, in Japan, intellectual property laws have historically been so weak that third parties are often legally able to produce their versions of copyrighted material and make money off of them; this is typically in the form of independently-produced comics known as “doujin” and similar works, but one can readily find various “adult” materials that involve copyrighted characters.

However, any third-party work is technically a violation of IP laws in the United States unless it meets “Fair Use” requirements. It’sIt’s up to the person or organization that holds the IP to respond to these instances. Many IP owners don’tdon’t have people actively policing these matters or are willing to ignore material that doesn’tdoesn’t directly harm the brand’sbrand’s integrity.

Most Rule 34 searched female Characters in Black Clover


This adorable, half-human, half-dwarf member of the Black Bulls team is considered one of the weaker ones. That is true only when she doesn’t take her fights seriously.

She can transform into her other half if she is serious. She can also create Food Magic which allows her to eat different types of magic and bring down foes far stronger than she.


Lolopechka’s pure magic energy makes her more powerful than any other person on this list. She is the princess of Heart Kingdom and is considered one of the most powerful people in the world, given her support from Undine, the water spirit.

Because she has enough magical energy, she can protect the Heart Kingdom with her magic power. She’s not used to fighting in the battle, and everyone higher up on this list has battle-tested.


Because of her role as the main character, Noelle has been in more fights than anyone else on this list. She lacks the training and experience to be a better fighter.

We’ve seen her grow in strength and master her mana, allowing her to create water spells that are among the most powerful in the show. Her mother, Acier, seems to be closer to her, and her magical abilities surpass both men of the Clover Kingdom.


Charlotte Roselli is the leader of the Blue Rose Magic Knights. Her power is legendary in the Clover Kingdom. She is the knight who takes her position as a Knight more seriously than anyone else, and she adheres to her strict code of helping others.

Her magic includes summoning briars which she can use to create any weapon or barrier she desires. She has the most magical control and power of any character in the series.


Dorothy Unsworth, a witch from the forest full of witches, is extremely powerful despite sleeping all the time. Although we haven’t seen her fight, we have seen some frightening moments with the Coral Peacock Magic Knights. Dream Magic is Dorothy’s secret weapon. She can create a dream world into which people can be drawn. Even if someone stole her magic power, it did not cause her to enter a creation war with them. She out-created them all and caused their bodies to fall apart.


The queen of witches, an enemy that the heroes could defeat easily, is a strong ruler. Her strength is so great that neither Spade Kingdom nor the Clover had the nerve to attack her domain for many years.

Blood Magic is her ability to control and manipulate blood. She can also see into the future, which makes her an extremely dangerous enemy. She is so strong that she has been around for more than 100 years. There doesn’t seem any way to change that.


The show’s most powerful character is the Uncrowned, Undefeated lioness. She excels in almost every aspect of fighting, including magical control and combat abilities.

She was the first to demonstrate what a Mana Zone can do and easily defeated many elves who tried to challenge her. Because her fire magic is so strong, she can boss around other Magic Knight Captains. No one can stop her power.


Sol Marron, a member of the Blue Rose Knights, is a loyal follower of Charlotte Roselli. It’s a known fact that Sol is always nearby if Charlotte is around. Sol, an Earth Mage, is capable of summoning huge Earth golems to attack her enemies.

She is not known for her ability to win many combat victories despite having a three-leaf clover Grimoire. Her lack of strategic power largely holds her back. That is why she failed to make it past the second round of the Royal Knights Exam before being defeated.


Fana was a powerful member of Diamond Kingdom. Fana was originally believed to have been lost during the Diamond Kingdom’s experiments. However, the Eye of Midnight Sun has brought her back to life, and she is now one of the most powerful soldiers in the Diamond Kingdom.

This power allowed her to access the Salamander fire spirit, which made her one the most powerful fire mages anywhere. After re-awakening, however, she lost her Salamander fire spirit and is now not able to rank high on this list.


Mimosa, a member of the Golden Dawn, is one of the most powerful houses in her country. Surprisingly, she uses Plant Magic instead of flame magic like her Crimson Lion relatives. We first see her use her magic to heal and defend, but she soon learns how offensive magic works. She is one of the most powerful members of Golden Dawn.

Most Rule 34 searched Lesbian Characters


Character debut date



Akari Amano Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Akari meets Sophie Twilight, a vampire, in the forest, is entranced, and takes up residence at Sophie’s house. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood.
Akemi Seumizome Rule 34 January 15, 2014 Akemi is a popular girl who constantly gets confessions from boys, but she later finds herself falling in love with tomboy Keiko Sanjō. Though Keiko rejects her, the two remain friends and Inari “yearns for her,” with Akemi later confessing to Inari that she loves her. Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
Akira Hiragi Rule 34 October 31, 2015 The benevolent Governor of Mermaid, and the founder of Wärter (German for “keepers”, the island’s peace-keeping force. While believed by everyone on the island to be the only male resident on Mermaid, she is actually a woman asked by her mother to act like a man in order to stay safe. For physical protection, her mother also provided her with an artificial Extar named Sri. Only Torino and Mirei knew her true gender until she was exposed by Momoka. In an earlier episode, “To Believe,” with Mirei knocked out, Mamori has Akira drive with her in order to stop the terrorists, briefly exposing her identity to Mirei before leaving the scene. Furthermore, supplemental material revealed she was in a relationship with a woman named Haruka (who was her first Extar) in college, a relationship she still longs for as Mermaid’s Governor. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Akira Kenjou Rule 34 March 5, 2017 In the 25th episode’s battle, Chocolat’s confession of her love for Cure Macaron helped their relationship reach an apex. Kirakira☆Pretty Cure à la Mode
Aya Komichi Rule 34 July 13, 2013 She is Rule 34 bashful towards Yoko,  not being honest with her feelings. She  misinterprets situations between herself & Yoko, replying indignantly and blushing, mostly because of not being able to accept her love to Yoko. Kin-iro Mosaic
Ayano Sugiura Rule 34 July 12, 2011 Ayano is in love with Kyouko but is often not too honest with her feelings for her, always referring to her by her full name and treating her with acts of hostility, despite not wanting do so on purpose. YuruYuri
Charlotte Scharsen Rule 34 October 10, 2015 The series first antagonist. She has a harem of Extars (other Rule 34 girls) : called the Adel (“nobility”) that she uses all at once when fighting her opponents.She strives to bring Mermaid under her thumb,but is later seduced as a willing puppet Governor by Momoka. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Chinatsu Yoshikawa Rule 34 July 5, 2011 Although the work is rather ambiguous about the orientation of main girls, Chinatsu is the one who has a confirmed crush on another girl. YuruYuri
Cocona Rule 34 October 6, 2016 Cocona is coming to terms with her sexuality and realizes she loves Papika. Flip Flappers
Gien Bunchō Rule 34 April 22, 2010 A good-natured and boisterous Rule 34 girl, whose real name is En’ya, she joins Ryūbi on the quest to look for medicine due to her romantic feelings for Ryūbi, who (according to Gengan) is almost like the splitting image of her deceased older sister, shown in episodes such as “Gien, Falls In Love At First Sight.” Koihime Musō
Ginko Yurishiro Rule 34 January 5, 2015 Kureha Tsubaki later accepts bears even more and becomes one herself, embarking on a romantic relationship with Ginko. Yurikuma Arashi
Haruka Takayama Rule 34 January 9, 2014 Haruka, friends with Yū Sonoda since middle school, is in a romantic relationship with her. Sakura Trick
Hibiki Kenjo Rule 34 October 10, 2015 Traumatized by her experience at Mermaid that she refuses to leave her room, and decides to join the fight at the very end with the purpose of not letting anyone else suffer the same way she did, apologizing to Kasumi for leaving her fight alone the whole time. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Hildagard Schlievogt Rule 34 November 1, 2014 Hildagard, known as Hilda for short, was lovers with Zola, and later begins to engage in sexual relations with Chris and Rosalie, while she is attracted to Angelise “Ange.” Cross Ange
Jenny Dolittle Rule 34 January 29, 2012 Vice-president of the Space Yacht Club, a skilled hacker, and troublemaker, her lover is Lynn Lambretta. She also appears with Lynn in the film which follows the series, Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace. Bodacious Space Pirates
Kaori Izumi Rule 34 April 20, 2005 She is an assault squad rookie,and in Episode 3, “Payapaya in the Best Dorms,” she admits she has a secret crush on Kanade Jinguuji and is jealous of Rino. Best Student Council
Kasumi Shigure Rule 34 October 10, 2015 Kasumi is the commander of Wärter who is opposed to Charlotte’s despotic regime over Mermaid’s residents. She is in a relationship with Hibiki. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Katsuragi Rule 34 January 6, 2013 Katsuragi is a member of the “good ninjas” and shows a significant degree of sexual attraction towards several other female characters throughout the series. Notably, she is obsessed with breasts, and enjoys frequently groping her teammates. Senran Kagura
Kiiko Kawakami Rule 34 August 16, 2010 Kiiko is in love with Aaya, but did not have the courage to tell her in the beginning of the summer vacation, while Aaya likes to perform experiments with Kiiko’s powers, although, actually, she is in love with her. She usually takes the lead when it comes to activities and has an outgoing personality. Aaya’s older brother, Kōta Saitō, had a terminal disease and manipulated Aaya into having sex with him before going in for his operation where he died, as shown in the second episode. Kuttsukiboshi
Kirie Motoba Rule 34 July 23, 2015 Kirie is a classmate who is introduced as a petite girl with frightening eyes that scare others and that watches Umaru intensely. She is portrayed as shy along with being in love with Umaru. She considers Ebina a rival for Umaru’s affections. Himouto! Umaru-chan
Koko Matsumoto Rule 34 February 12, 2019 Koko is a Rule 34  girl who was in a club with Miyako during high school. When introduced in Episode 6, she is shown to have an obsessive crush on Miyako to the point of stalking her everywhere she goes and in everything she does. Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me
Kotone Noda Rule 34 January 16, 2014 Kotone is in a romantic relationship with Shizuku Minami, as shown in episodes like “Yet Another Cherry Blossom Color” and both live together. Sakura Trick
Koyume Koizuka Rule 34 April 5, 2018 She has a crush on Tsubasa Katsuki, liking both her “masculine” and “feminine Rule 34 ” sides. Koyume never knew the feeling of love before meeting Tsubasa and was unable to draw male characters until she started basing them on her. In episode 5, Ruki Irokawa finds out about Koyume’s crush and convinces her to go on a date with Tsubasa and Koyumi plans to confess to her, but does not do so. In later episodes of the series, she expresses her attractions, sometimes in perverted ways. Comic Girls
Kureha Tsubaki Rule 34 January 5, 2015 Kureha’s girl friend, Sumika, was killed by two bears, as was her mother Reia. Yurikuma Arashi
Lulu Yurigasaki Rule 34 January 5, 2015 Lulu pines after certain people and tells Kureha Tsubaki, as does Ginko, the truth of why her mother and Sumika died. Yurikuma Arashi
Lynn Lambretta Rule 34 February 5, 2012 President of the Space Yacht club, the heir of a major space shipping conglomerate, who later runs away from an arranged marriage with the aid of Marika’s crew and Lynn, who is proved to be her lover. She appears with Jenny in the film, Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace. Bodacious Space Pirates
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki Rule 34 August 9, 2018 The anime follows the developments between an all-female cast of main characters, and it is heavily implied that Mahiru has a crush on her roommate, Karen. In episode 5, Mahiru’s feelings of jealousy culminate during her clash with Karen. While they fight, Mahiru asks Karen through song if she remembers throwing “Love’s Wicked Pitch” at her. At the end of the episode, Mahiru asserts to herself that she loves her. Revue Starlight
Mamori Tokonome Rule 34 October 10, 2015 She is in a romantic and sexual relationship with Mirei Shikishima. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Matsuri Mizusawa Rule 34 February 17, 2018 She is Yuzu’s childhood  good friend who lived close to her before she really moved to the Aihara residence, and a second-year in middle school. Upon visiting Yuzu, she proved that she has feelings for her and tries swaying her away from Mei, who she thinks her rival. Like Mei, she tends to be manipulative. Citrus
Midori Ukai Rule 34 November 5, 2018 In Episode 6, Misha encounters Midori Ukai, a former JASDF lieutenant who fell in love with Tsubame and developed a masochistic obsession with her. Although Tsubame does not return her feelings, in Episode 8 Misha states that if they were to get married, with Midori’s riches and Tsubame’s maid expertises, they would make a perfect couple. Our Maid is Way Too Annoying!
Mio Kusakai Rule 34 October 27, 2016 She is known to be a lesbian who flirts with other girls, often engaging in molestation. Keijo
Mirei Shikishima Rule 34 October 31, 2015 Mirei states that she would have had no reason to live if she had not met Mamori. In one of the OVA shorts, it was revealed that Mirei used to be in a relationship with Momoka, the second antagonist. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Misa Aoi Rule 34 October 8, 2019 She lives with a girl named Rin Namiki in Tokyo, going to college with her, and later flirts with Rin. After winning the Kandagawa Cup, Rin tells Misa she loves her (which another contestants say is “forward”) and wishes they be “together forever,” a sentiment Misa reciprocates in episode 12. In the show’s OVA, Rin a lesbian Rule 34 needs to grow their relationship further to be more romantic while Misa is embarrassed by her advances. Kandagawa Jet Girls
Mitsuki Sonoda Rule 34 January 23, 2014 Mitsuki is Yū’s older sister. She is suspicious of the relationship between Haruka and Yū and disapproves of it. However, she develops a crush on Haruka. Sakura Trick
Miyako Kodama Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Riko Hakozaki is her girlfriend as confirmed in Episode Seven. Bloom Into You
Moe Morita Rule 34 October 31, 2013 Mari Maya, is a central member of the idol group, “Mineral Miracle Muse,” authors and composes lyrics, while having a fetish for men in uniforms, and enjoys stepping on the testicles of “molesters and other evildoers.” She  has an inferiority complex towards Moe, another member of the idol group, but the two later reconcile by kissing each other in the episode “The Wandering Hero.” Samurai Flamenco
Momoka Sagara Rule 34 November 28, 2015 The series’ second antagonist. She harbored a deep hatred of Mirei for “abandoning” her,mas shown in the episode “Takeover,” which turned her into a homicidal maniac, and has volunteered herself for further enhancement; they enable her to transform her chosen Extar into any weapon of her choice and absorb A Virus carriers to enhance her Arm’s power. It was shown at the end of the series that she and Mirei were in a past relationship whilst they were Soldiers. In one of the OVA shorts, their relationship was confirmed to be sexual. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Naoko Sukeban Rule 34 April 8, 2018 Despite her rough looks and personality, she has a crush on Cutie Honey and is, as a result, quite jealous of Natsuko “Nat-chan” Aki, Honey’s friend. During Panther Claw’s assault on Saint Chapel, in revenge for the death of her entire gang and in order to protect Honey, she intercepts a deadly attack by Snake Panther and covers Honey and Natsuko’s escape, apparently at the cost of her own life. However, thanks to her toughness she returns to take part in the final fight to Sister Jill, and later joins Honey at their rebuilt school. Cutie Honey Universe
Naoko-san Rule 34 December 18, 2010 Naoko-san is an alien who comes from the Planet Yuri and takes the place of Misuzu’s sister. She appears to solely have a romantic or sexual attraction to little girls. She also finds to conquer the world by ‘yurifying’ that. In the manga, her depiction as a “yurian” is in reality a metaphor for “lesbian Rule 34”. Yuri Seijin Naoko-san
Papika Rule 34 October 6, 2016 Papika realizes her love for Cocona, and their love for each other, during a fight with Cocona’s mother in the episode “Pure Howling.” Flip Flappers
Rain Hasumi Rule 34 October 24, 2015 Rain and Lady J are passionate lovers. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
Retoree Rule 34 April 5, 2015 A Golden Retriever dog Lesbial Rule 34 girl who has long blonde ears and a ribbon in her hair. She is the smart girl in the group and uses her smartphone anytime, making her shy and unsociable, even as she appears to have a crush on Cyan, the protagonist. Show by Rock!!
Riko Hakozaki Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Riko is in a romantic relationship with Miyako Kodama, as proved in Episode 7. Bloom Into You
Rin Namiki Rule 34 October 8, 2019 Rin lives with a girl named Misa Aoi in Tokyo, where they go to university. In later episodes, they become emotionally closer to such an extent that other characters say they are flirting with each other. Kandagawa Jet Girls
Ruru May 15, 2016 Ruru felt in love with Honoka and sought a romantic relationship with her, as noted in the show’s sixth and seventh episodes, but later died, something which Honoka regrets. Kiznaiver
Sanae Nagatsuki Rule 34 October 11, 2010 She is Eiko’s classmate and neighborhood friend who develops an obsessive crush on Squid Girl, otherwise known as Ika. She keeps a vast collection of Squid Girl photographs and memorabilia, and often stalks her. Although Squid Girl often retaliates violently to her advances, she enjoys it. Squid Girl
Sayaka Saeki Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Sayaka is Nanami’s best friend from first grade and she had a crush on her. In one episode, Sayaka recalls how she dated a girl in middle school, only to find that she was not taking it seriously, after which she fell for Touko.In the following episode, she has a brief run-in with her ex-girlfriend, managing to say her piece to her. Bloom Into You
Shizuku Minami Rule 34 January 16, 2014 Shizuku has a romantic partner named Kotone Noda who she loves with. Sakura Trick
Sophie Twilight Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Sophie does not like her peaceful life being disrupted by Akari’s affection and is not sure how to deal with a spastic Akari. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood.
Sumika Izumino Rule 34 January 5, 2015 Girlfriend of Kureha Tsubaki who is killed by bears. Yurikuma Arashi
Tohru Rule 34 January 11, 2017 Tohru falls in love with Kobayashi after she saved her and starts living in her flat as a maid. Tohru and Kobayashi’s affairs is described as a ‘mundane family type’ one whilst taking care of the young dragon Kanna.Moreover, it is confirmed that Kobayashi has begun to return Tohru’s feelings of a more love nature in chapter 48 of the manga continuation, even though the show itself heavily implied that Kobayashi also has feelings for her, with Tohru’s maid act “specifically appealing to Kobayashi’s turn-ons.” Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Tomo Rule 34 April 9, 2018 During Episode 1, Tomo confessed her love for her best friend, Ai after having brief discussions about love interests. Ai is left confused but Tomo ensures her that she should take her time when responding to her confession. In Episode 12, Ai is still unsure on how she should respond, often viewing the atmosphere and place as “ruining the mood”. Tomo then starts to have doubts and regrets about her actual  confession to Ai and hence, tries to inform Ai otherwise. However, Ai refrains her from doing so and states that she should give her some time to think and that no matter who confesses to her, she would still feel the same way. As the train passes by, Tomo expresses her love for her once again much to Ai’s embarrassment. Another example of Lesbain Rule 34. Crossing Time
Tomoka Kase Rule 34 June 9, 2018 She is deeply in love with Yui Yamada. Kase-san and Morning Glories
Touko Nanami Rule 34 October 5, 2018 At first, Touko doesn’t reciprocate Yuu Koito’s feelings for her, but she later confesses to her, reciprocating her feelings and she is shown reciprocating. Bloom Into You
Tsubame Kamoi Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Tsubame Kamoi has displayed romantic attraction to young girls, hence why she decided to take a maid job in the household of the protagonist Misha. On numerous occasions, she has opened up about her past problems in dating girls because of her early menstruation development. She also has the desire to marry Misha when she is able to gain her approval. Our Maid is Way Too Annoying!
Ume Shiraume Rule 34 October 23, 2011 She is obsessed with Hana and usually beats Yō up out of jealousy, despite also being prone to flirt with other girls like Ayame. Ben-To
Urara Kasugano Rule 34 July 6, 2014 Initially doting on Miou, she falls in love with Momoka instead after developing a masochistic taste for her violent punishments. Sabagebu!
Ymir Rule 34 May 12, 2013 The official website mentions Ymir is in love with Historia (Krista).According to a panel in 2014, Historia reciprocated Ymir’s feelings. It was confirmed that they were a couple, by the English voice actress for Ymir, Elizabeth Maxwell. It also has been confirmed by the author of the series in an interview with crunchyroll in 2014. Most people tend to see historia as a non-lesbian because of the fact that she doesn’t fit any of the lesbian stereotypes: she’s nice with men (even thoughshe doesn’t show any kind of attractionto them) , she’s stereotypically feminine (at least in the beginning of season 2, when she’s Krista). These people don’t realise that being a lesbian means just that you’re attracted to non-men. Attack on Titan
Yū Sonoda Rule 34 January 9, 2014 She is in a romantic relationship with her friend, Haruka Takayama. Sakura Trick
Yui Yamada Rule 34 June 9, 2018 Yui, a clumsy, flower-adoring girl, falls in love with Kase, the school’s track and field star. Kase-san and Morning Glories
Yukari Kotozume Rule 34 March 5, 2017 In the 25th episode, Cure Chocolat confesses her love for Cure Macaron, cementing their relationship. Kirakira☆Pretty Cure à la Mode
Yuu Koito Rule 34 October 5, 2018 Yuu Koito is a girl who loves shoujo manga and hopes to encounter a confession but when she finally does, feels nothing and does not respond. She soon becomes friends with Touko who also has received confessions but felt nothing from them, but later confesses to her. Bloom Into You
Yuzu Aihara Rule 34 January 6, 2018 Yuzu is a self-proclaimed gyaru who becomes Mei Aihara’s older stepsister, and had never dated.[95] Mei is the beautiful and serious Student Council President who is stern, cold and composed, but has a short temper, and appears deadpan. Mei was briefly the fiancé of her male homeroom teacher, until Episode 2. At first, Yuzu dislikes Mei, due to her aloof and manipulative attitude, but later Yuzu resented her after kissing her, and tries to understand her attraction to Mei. While the two of them have had very intimate moments with each other, for a time Yuzu thought it would be in Mei’s best interests if she did not pursue her romantically, feeling that Mei needed a sister more than she needed a lover. However, she grows to love her, eventually admitting that she wanted to be with Mei. After both confessing their true feelings for each other she starts dating Mei in the show’s final episode. Citrus
Zola Axberg Rule 34 November 1, 2014 She often fondles other women or has sex with them. Cross Ange
Sakura Adachi Rule 34 October 9, 2020 Adachi wishes she was closer with her friend, Shimamura, even dreaming of kissing her. Adachi and Shimamura
Eripiyo Rule 34 January 9, 2020 Initially a woman who leads a normal life, Eripiyo’s life is changed when she watches a performance of ChamJam, a minor idol group, and becomes obsessed with one of the group’s members, Maina Ichii, resulting in using almost all her money to buy Maina’s merchandise. Throughout the series, they clearly have feelings for each other, with Eripiyo saying she loves Maina on multiple occasions. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
Maki Hakata Rule 34 January 9, 2020 She is in a romantic relationship with Yumeri Mizumori but keeps the relationship under raps to avoid the prying eyes of the public. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
Akira Hino Rule 34 October 9, 2020 While she calls Taeko Nagafuji her “good friend,” they clearly have feelings for each other, and their lesbian rule 34 relationship develops over the course of the anime. Adachi and Shimamura
Maina Ichii Rule 34 January 9, 2020 Maina has feelings for Eripiyo, but is more subdued in showing them than Eripiyo. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
Sorawo Kamikoshi Rule 34 January 4, 2021 A sophomore at a university in Saitama Prefecture who becomes friends with Toriko Nishina and begins to develop feelings for her over the course of the series. Otherside Picnic
Yumeri Mizumori Rule 34 January 9, 2020 Yumeri Mizumori is in a romantic relationship with Maki Hakata, a fellow singer, but neither are out as lesbians and try to make sure their relationship is never shown in public. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
Taeko Nagafuji Rule 34 October 9, 2020 She has feelings for her friend, Akira Hino, and a developing relationship over the course of the series. Adachi and Shimamura
Toriko Nishina Rule 34 January 4, 2021 A woman who searches the Otherside for her missing friend Satsuki, who appears to be a college student, and has long blond hair and is, in the opinion of Sorawo, “extremely beautiful”. She has a tendency to isolate herself from others, and has no friends other than Sorawo and Satsuki, who was Toriko’s tutor. Otherside Picnic
Hougetsu Shimamura Rule 34 October 9, 2020 She falls in love with Sakura Adachi, her best friend, as their relationship moves forward, eve with small steps. Adachi and Shimamura


Best and Most Rule 34 searched female Characters in Killua

Neon Nostrade

Blue-haired, this youngster is the only daughter of the Nostrades. She is a childlike innocence and has the Lovely Ghostwriter ability, which allows her to predict the future using poems.

She is a highly wealthy daughter, but she is a loving and caring girl. She does have a strange fascination with flesh collection, and she can be inconsiderate of the best Killua Rule 34 woman character.

Spinner Clow

This magenta-haired beauty was initially introduced to the Chimera Ant Arc as an associate of Kite and a member of the Kakin Empire Wildlife Exploration Team. It is now known as the Chimera Ant Arc. Most acquaintances see her as serious because she can often be found chewing gum or with a camera in her hand.

She is intelligent, caring, and self-reliant as she is an amateur hunter. Her unique quality is her ability to make tough decisions for the greater good while remaining confident.


Menchi is Single-Star Gourmet Hunter, and she was also the examiner for the 287th Hunter Exam. Her characteristic features include a turquoise hairstyle with five top knots and green eyes. That is a highly independent Gourmet Hunter who is physically fit.

Although we only knew her for a short time, she was very picky and later apologized. She also demonstrated how to find and gather ingredients from potentially dangerous locations as part of the exam.


Gel is a member of the Hunters Association’s Zodiacs. Her distinctive features include black hair and teal-blue eye color. She is also a well-known Poison Hunter, and the snake is her codename because of her large eyes.

Gel is confident in her abilities but bold and pragmatic. Gel is a conflict-averse woman who displays her medical knowledge and warns others about potential dangers. Her superior intelligence and charm make her a Hunter x Hunter woman of distinction.

Best and Most Rule 34 searched female Characters in Seven Deadly Sins.


She is the second princess of the Kingdom of Liones. Veronica exudes royal elegance in her style and manners, just like a princess.

She is a bit sulky, but it works in her favor and makes her more attractive.

She is unique with her funky style, including a short bob and pink fur coat. Her bonus point is that she is a tomboy, as many boys are attracted to this type of girl.


Melascula is a beautiful, childlike face that gives her a cute appearance. Another one of the most desired females from Rule 34, Ten Commandments is Melascula.

She is radiant in her lengthy, pink-colored, sleeveless white gown and captures everyone’s attention with her beautiful hair.

She also enjoys making fun of others, which attracts her admirers. She is a cocky, arrogant person, making her more attractive during battles.


Deldry’s thin and slim figure immediately appeals to most of her fans. Her adorable, stunningly attractive features include the bandana she wraps around her neck and how she uses it for her hair tie.

Her short, purple skirt and purple shirt show off her perfect figure for the Rule 34 character. She is another Holy Knights member and is confident on the battlefield, but can also be sadistic when she abuses her powers.


Nerobsasta, a member of the Goddess Clan, is a prominent character with incredibly curvy figures. Her long, angelic wings on each side and her light-blue dress make her the embodiment of beauty.

She is arrogant and tends not to care about the weaker amongst her, which isn’t a good thing for her fans. She is loyal to her clan, and this is what she cares most about.

Best and Most Rule 34 searched female Characters in DBZ


Bulma is the sexiest Rule 34 Dragon Ball female character, and we don’t think there was any doubt.

Bulma was one of the first characters to be introduced in the series. She is lively and fun. She is a strong, independent woman with an outstanding style. She inherited her mother’s curly, bushy, blue hair, which changed in the show’s final segments.


Videl was Gohan’s spouse, a member of Gohan’s wife in Dragon Ball Universe, and one of the most attractive and sexually appealing female characters from anime. It is not easy to attract attention from the Dragon Ball Universe’s most powerful Saiyans. Videl is a lively family girl that can easily connect with anyone.

Her attractive features are matched by her charming personality, including a slim body and beautiful face.

Her curly hair made her look very sexy at first. She grew up to be a beautiful, supportive woman.

Chi Chi

Chi-Chi, as most people know her, is Goku’s spouse. Fans are familiar with her as one of the most beautiful female characters in the series. Her most distinctive characteristic is her bun hair, which stands out from other male characters. The actress is charming and attractive. Additionally, her ability to render anyone in power on the planet helpless is terrifying and charming.


Launch, an original Dragon Ball character, has two personalities. Both her appearances are lovely, but they have different personalities. She is one of two books she has, and one is a calm, innocent, and sweet girl with a beautiful perspective on life.

The other is a wicked mastermind who tries to steal from everyone. Launch often dresses in fashion, usually wearing an emerald crop top and light brown shorts. Her hair is blue, which changes to gold when she alters her character.

Android 18

Krillin’s wife, Android 18, is the sexiest Dragon Ball woman character. Although she was initially introduced to the series as an antagonist, she quickly won over the hearts of fans. She is a fiery personality and has an attitude that can’t be beaten. She values money above all else and can accomplish any task when well compensated.

She is also an android and has a lot of power. That is evident in her attractive appearance in the inter-universe contest.


Maron was Krillin’s girlfriend ex and has grown up to be a beautiful woman, just like all the young characters on the show. She is slim and robust with a strong physique. While her usual attire is a red dress, she swims in a yellow suit. She is adorable, and she is not aware of the commonalities between people. Her innocence is admirable, and she is kind and caring.

That conclues the list of Best and Most Rule 34 searched Characters in Black Clover, Lesbian, Killua, Seven Deadly Sins & DBZ.

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