What does a Laurel Wreath Tattoo Mean


What does a Laurel Wreath Tattoo Mean | Especially on the Neck?

Suppose you want to know what the laurel wreath tattoo means. In that case, it’s not that difficult to find out the meaning of the laurel wreath tattoo on the neck, mainly because there’s only one meaning of this particular tattoo which you can read below.

The same thing applies to what does laurel wreath mean, or why would someone get a laurel wreath tattoo in the first place? First, we should characterize this same laurel wreath to start talking about these things.

History of Laurel Wreaths

Laurel Wreaths have been associated with different cultures and civilizations from ancient Greece. In Greek Mythology, Laurel’s Wreaths were connected to Apollo, known for his skills of archery and prophecy. In Rome, Laurel Wreaths represented military honor and victory. So whether you’re into history or simply like nature, a Laurel Wreath Tattoo is still a great choice!

Symbolism Behind Laurel Wreaths

A laurel wreath is a circular crown woven of branches and leaves of bay, olive, or myrtle. It was given as a sign of honor to winners at games in ancient Greece. When victors were crowned with them, they would announce their victory with cries of Fee! Foe! Fum!, imitating its fragrant scent. In ancient Rome, victors would send a laurel wreath to family and friends instead of writing them letters or telegrams.

Both Caesar and Cicero sent these communications out to friends far away from Rome when they won elections. The symbols on each side of your laurel wreath tattoo tell you about your personality traits and goals.

For example, if you have an ivy leaf on one side, you may be ambitious and hardworking; if there’s a skull on another side, you may be courageous but reckless; if there’s a heart on another side, you may be compassionate but easily hurt by others; if there’s an anchor on another side, you may be loyal but unmotivated.

Reasons for Getting a Laurel Wreath Tattoo

A laurel wreath is an important symbol for many different cultures but has particular relevance to Greek culture. Apollo was a god of light and music who delivered oracles from his seat on Mt. Olympus in Greek mythology. The other gods respected him and gave him awards for his brilliance: they presented him with a crown of laurels every year, which he would wear until they wilted.

The leaves symbolized his love of music. Many Greeks adapted that idea into their tradition by getting a laurel leaf tattooed somewhere on their body. It’s also common for people to get a laurel wreath tattoo if they are interested in joining certain fraternities or sororities, representing honor and respect.

In general, though, people choose to get a laurel wreath because it looks fantastic. It’s got intricate detail and can be stylized in so many ways; depending on your design preference, you can go traditional, modern, realistic, tribal-inspired. The list goes on! It’s not very big either—most designs will fit nicely onto your forearm or upper arm without overwhelming.

Where To Get A Laurel Wreath Tattoo

A laurel wreath is a famous symbol to have tattooed, often on areas of your body where you can easily hide it, like your chest or arm. Getting a laurel wreath represents victory and accomplishment. However, some people choose to get it for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of why you are getting one, make sure that you select an artist who knows what they’re doing. A well-drawn and placed Laurel Wreath tattoo can do wonders for your looks!

So don’t be cheap when looking for a place to get yours done. The Best Places To Get A Laurel Wreath Tattoo: Getting your laurel wreath tattoo anywhere is fine, but some areas would be better than others, depending on your plans.

For example, if you want to show off all of your hard work by wearing sleeveless shirts, consider getting it somewhere on your arm so everyone can see it when you flex those muscles at the beach.

Especially on the neck — What does a laurel wreath tattoo mean?

It depends on which country you’re from. In ancient Rome, a laurel wreath was given to people who had displayed courage by generals and soldiers and athletes, poets, priests, and heroes.

Other awards had similar designs of laurels, such as oak leaf crowns and ivy leaves used for similar occasions. Wearing these tattoos was a way for people to remember their accomplishments. Still, it also served another purpose – they helped people show off their status in society!

They signified accomplishment and pride. The more tattoos a person had, the greater their achievements were, so people used them as badges of honor. Today, many people still wear laurel wreath tattoos as symbols of achievement and success.

For example, if someone receives an award at work or school, he may choose to get a laurel wreath tattooed to remind him how hard he worked to achieve something great.

Another popular reason people get laurel wreaths is that they have reached some milestone like graduating from college or high school with honors. All these are a few illustrations, and there are numerous reasons why one would want to get one performed, so think about your reasons before getting one done!


Getting a roman numeral tattoo is a very thought-provoking decision. You want it to be perfect and can’t think of any other font that will do your character justice. For example, if you have always hated English class and read Shakespeare for fun, maybe getting an actual Shakespearean quote might be good. 

Roman numerals are rarely used by people today except to denote street addresses, so making sure that there isn’t something more recognizable than numbers is essential. Also, make sure that you don’t choose anything too complicated or too hard to read because it won’t look good on you once it’s healed.

When someone looks at your new tattoo, they can instantly tell what number it is without squinting or focusing too much on figuring out its number. Thanks for reading!

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