Lace Frontal and Lace Closure


Lace Frontal and Lace Closure

Both a lace frontal and a lace closure will give you a full and perfect install with the illusion that hair is rising directly from your scalp. Both Closures and Frontals allow you to braid and guard your natural hair and this means that none of your normal hair will be left out.

You also do not have to worry about combining your natural hair feel with your hair extensions. The major differences between lace frontals and lace closures are their size, versatility, and cost. The Lace frontals and lace closures from comely hairs share the same benefits in terms of quality. They are

  • Luxury 100% virgin hair extensions
  • They have fully aligned cuticles
  • It is not mixed with animal or synthetic hair
  • It does not have thin ends
  • It has the same thickness of hair from filling to tip
  • It has no tangling
  • It has no shedding
  • It does not have any odors
  • The lifespan is 2 years if cared for properly
  • It can be bleached
  • It can be dyed

The Lace Frontal

A lace frontal is almost half a wig. Lace frontals from comely hairs measures from front to back and the width of the Frontal hits from ear to ear and is characteristically worn to recreate an entire hairline. This is the best choice for women with thinning edges. Lace frontals are characteristically sewn onto braids or can be used to make a wig.

Lace Frontals also give the choice to part your hair anywhere making it the most adaptable option. With lace frontal, you can naturally brush your hair into a ponytail. A lace frontal is also the faultless option for that style half up half down.

Lace frontals also characteristically require fewer bundles for a full install and it is recommended to use 2 bundles of hair with a lace frontal. Although lace frontals are the major and most versatile, they are also the most expensive.

General hairstyle than can be shaped with a lace frontal

A lace closure is the go-to for women who love modest hairstyles. Closures do not reconstruct a hairline and closures typically measure 4 inches. Although lace closures are less multipurpose than lace frontals, there will still be some options.

There are 3 different options for closure: the middle part, the free part, and the three parts. Closures are characteristically sewn onto braids or can be used to make a wig. Lace closures also need more bundles for a full install. It is optional to use 4 bundles with a lace closure. Though lace closures are typically smaller and less adaptable, they are also the least expensive

Different Wig Caps Construction

A full Lace tied wig cap is the most comfortable wig cap available and the entire wig cap is made from a soft unseen lace mesh material. Separate hair strands are hand-knotted into the entire lace cap to achieve a supremely natural presence. It takes around a month for knowledgeable artisan craftsmanship to finish one hand-tied wig.

The Lace Front wig

Usually, on a lace front wig, the lace trim extends across the whole front hairline from ear to ear about 3 inches. The hand-tied process or Individual hair strands hand-knotted is applied to this unit of the wig cap. The rest of the wig cap contains mechanical stitched hair or hair fillings tied to a transparent delicate mesh border. Only at the top of the wig, hair can rotate freely in any direction, creating the usual hair movement. The hand-made hairline hair can be parted and styled in any way at the hairline but not on the rest of the wig.

The Closure Wigs

Closure wigs mostly have an illusion of usual hair growth from the scalp to the hair part. A small section usually measures generally 1/8 inch of the front hairline and is made from a delicate mesh fabric that lets scalp color show through and hand-tied fibers that enables the hair to part logically.

Which wig offers the most adaptability

 A full lace tied wig offers the most styling elasticity and the most realistic look possible when it is made with 100% human hair because it is completely hand-tied, which gives the arrival of all-over natural hair growth.

The separate strands are hand-knotted to the lace cap to look like separate hairs growing from the scalp. Just like follicular hairs, the hand tied hairs can twist freely in every direction. The full lace wig does not come with a defined parting to allow you to recreate the parting anywhere you want.

 The Lace front wig

On a lace frontal wig, separate strands of hair are hand-tied only at the lace fit of the wig hairline. The hand-tied hairs make the appearance of a totally natural hairline. The clear mesh of a lace front hairline lets the skin show through.

The rest of the wig has fillings or structural seams, therefore will not bid as much versatility as a full lace hand-tied wig cap.

The Closure wigs

Closure wigs do not offer whole styling versatility because only small sections where the hair parts are complete from a mesh lace fabric and hand-tied.

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