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Islamic WhatsApp Group Links List Of Pakistan 2022

In the past, if we were searching for Islamic content, it was challenging to get authentic knowledge about Islamic topics. However, nowadays, we can see that many authentic websites deliver a valid message of Islam. Such as Whatsapp, where different groups spread the message of Islam. It is one of the fastest ways to convey your message worldwide. 

Some Basic Information About Islamic Whatsapp Groups

On Whatsapp, different groups serve in different domains related to Islamic content. They also offer different courses and classes on these Whatsapp groups. For example, if we want to learn Quran (hifz), there is a specific group for this purpose. However, if we want to study the Tafseer of the Quran, there must be a separate group. So each category has related to a specific group. There are many advantages of these online Whatsapp groups. Those who cannot go out for some reason or busy people who do not have enough time or are too old can quickly learn the knowledge they want related to Islam. 

You can find Islamic Whatsapp groups easily on the internet. These groups are led by known Muftis and Allimah, that has the best knowledge about Islam. However, online audio-video calls and tests are conducted in these Whatsapp groups. There are thousands of links available on the internet that you can join quickly. In addition, many Islamic websites run their groups, and their links are present on the official page of their websites. This article will give you a known and trending collection of links. 

The Purpose Behind Islamic Whatsapp Groups

There is almost 24.9% Muslim population globally, which makes it the second-largest religion in the world. There are thousands of WhatsApp groups around the globe. These Islamic Whatsapp groups have some essential purpose of spreading the message of Islam. In these groups, you are allowed to post only Islamic content. Additionally, these WhatsApp groups are the easiest ways to spread any message. These groups only allow the Muslim community. In Islamic WhatsApp group also offers online courses. Known Mufti’s also teach you with the help of audios and live streaming. 

Rules For Islamic Whatsapp Groups 

You can share Islamic status, quotes, videos, images, Islamic Quran audios, stories, and many more in Islamic groups. But before joining these, you have to know about the rules and regulations of Islamic Whatsapp groups. Each group has its own rules and regulations. Below are some rules to follow.

  • In these groups, only Muslims are allowed. 
  • You cannot post adult and illegal content in Islamic groups.
  • You cannot change the icon and name of the Whatsapp group without the admin’s permission. 
  • These groups permit only Islamic-related posts. 
  • Spammers are entirely banned in these groups.
  • You have to give respect to every member of the group.
  • You cannot make group calls with other members without permission.

How To Join Islamic Whatsapp Groups?

You can join these Whatsapp groups for free. Join these Islamic WhatsApp groups only for peaceful purposes. Never post anything that spreads hate or offense in a community. To join these groups, follow the below rules.

  • Check the Whatsapp group link from the internet, or you can also get the link to a group from your friends.
  • Tap on the “JOIN” option on the right side of the group.
  • In this way, Whatsapp messenger will open automatically. You have to click on the “JOIN” button. That is the complete process. Now you are a member of that particular Whatsapp group. 

Do The Admins Control The Messages In A Whatsapp Group Chat?

Now there is a new feature in the Whatsapp group that admins can control the messages in the group. People use groups to get important information and be updated on many topics. So this feature is introduced for a better purpose. Admins of the WhatsApp groups can get access to this feature quickly. If you are the admins, you click on the Group Settings > Send Messages and select from the two options: Only Admins and All Participants. However, you will go to the Group Setting by clicking on the group’s name, searching for more details like group members or group discussions, etc. 

If the admin goes for the “All Participants” option, all group members can send messages to the group. However, if you go for the “OnlyAdmin” option, it will restrict messaging only to the group admin. That shows that regular users of a group cannot send messages. In this way, a group will covert in a one-way broadcast.  

How Can I Join The Islamic Whatsapp Group With A Whatsapp Qr Code Or Link?

Join via the link – Joining WhatsApp with a link is an easy task. You can also post the link to your WhatsApp group anywhere you want to get more members. With the help of the invite links, anyone who uses WhatsApp can join the WhatsApp group. Some time-limited invite links expire after some time. If the group is temporarily inactive, you can later revoke the WhatsApp link so that new members can join your link.

In this section, you will have some options for how you can share this link. If you want to create an invite link, you have to open the menu in the top right corner and enter the group info section. Then scroll down where the list of members appears. Tap on the invite via the link option.

Joining through QR Code – 

So you can also create a Whatsapp QR code for the group. If you want to share this QR code with others, they can quickly join your Whatsapp group by scanning it with their Whatsapp camera. 

Islamic Whatsapp Group Links Of Pakistan 



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