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I Hit My Head And It Hurts When I Touch It

If you’ve ever hit your head and it hurts when you touch it, you’ve probably wondered what to do next. Before you act, you’ll want to ask yourself several questions. What exactly were the force and impact? Could you have hit your head on a tennis ball or ashtray? Should you ignore the injury or consult a doctor? You should consult a doctor if you think you’ve hit your head on something hard and have pain when you touch it.

Warning signs after hitting your head

Seeing a doctor after hitting your head is crucial to your recovery, but you can also recognize these symptoms yourself. People often can’t remember the details of the accident, so it is important to have a witness present to help the doctors determine whether you have lost consciousness.

Your doctor will examine you carefully to determine if you exhibit any signs of trauma or bruising. They will also assess your brain for neurological damage, including nerve function and muscle control.

You should seek medical care immediately following a head injury if you experience these symptoms. You may experience an initial lucid period before the symptoms start, such as a headache. 

You may even experience vomiting, dizziness, or confusion. Regardless of when you first experience these symptoms, you should seek medical attention. You should take these symptoms seriously, so don’t wait to see them disappear.

You should also call an ambulance if you feel that you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Even if the symptoms seem mild, it is essential to visit the doctor for further evaluation. 

In addition to seeking medical attention immediately, you should never drive yourself to the hospital unless you’re certain you can drive yourself. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself or others at risk. It is best to have someone else drive you to the hospital.

Symptoms immediately after a head injury include nausea, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and balance problems. Some people may even experience agitation or difficulty with concentration. A person who has hit their head might also feel dizzy, lightheaded, and lose consciousness. Other concussion symptoms include a change in sleep patterns, blurred vision, and increased sensitivity to light.

Minor head injuries may appear without any symptoms, and if they do, you should consult a doctor. If it’s a minor head injury, paracetamol may be enough. However, don’t take aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs if your child is younger than 16.

Even if you have mild symptoms, a concussion can result in complications that require immediate medical attention. A concussion can cause symptoms, including a headache, nausea, and trouble concentrating, and may even require urgent medical care. Most symptoms are temporary and will go away independently, but you may need to see a specialist get the best possible outcome. There is no one cure for concussion, but you can make a full recovery if you seek medical attention.

Traumatic brain injury

If you have suffered a head injury and are concerned about the effects, you’ll need to seek medical attention. You’ll likely receive pain medication and possibly nausea and vomiting medications in minor cases. They’ll likely advise you to limit your activities until you feel better. If your brain injury is more serious, you may need emergency treatment or surgery.

While you won’t be able to regain your consciousness, you may experience other symptoms after a traumatic brain injury. Those symptoms can start immediately after the accident or may appear days or weeks later. While these symptoms are generally temporary, they may be accompanied by other effects, including losing balance or vision. In severe cases, you may lose your ability to speak or walk. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need physical therapy to regain your ability to walk, balance, or move.

Although most TBIs are mild, they may have lasting effects. Some of these symptoms may affect your mood, short-term memory, and focus, while others may not show any noticeable effects. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately. If you experience unusual behavior within a few days, you should also seek medical treatment. You should consult a physician if you notice any of these symptoms or if you’re not sure if you have a TBI.

A skull fracture is one of the most common symptoms of traumatic brain injury. While the impact on your head might not have affected the bones, the sharp edges of a fractured skull may have cut brain tissue. This type of injury is often mild but can result in a serious condition called hydrocephalus. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately after hitting your head, as the swelling may affect your ability to think and process information.

If your doctor suspects you have a brain injury, you’ll need a comprehensive evaluation. If you have suffered a head injury, your healthcare provider will perform a physical exam and ask about your medical history and the incident details. You may also need to undergo x-rays, which use electromagnetic energy beams to produce images. While these tests may not show the extent of the damage, they are important in assessing neurological conditions and prognosis.

While mild TBIs can leave you with bruising and bleeding, a more severe injury can knock you unconscious for an extended period. In extreme cases, it may even result in death. No matter what kind of brain injury you’re suffering from, make sure you seek medical treatment right away to prevent any long-term damage. It’s important to seek medical attention right away, as any head injury can affect your ability to think and move.

Final Words

If  you hit your head and are now feeling pain. You should use some ice on the head where you hurt. In addition, you should see the doctor. Above, we have told you what to do when you hit your head.


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