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Best Shoes After Calcaneal Fracture

A calcaneus fracture is associated with the breakage on the heel bone. However, it happens rarely but has very serious consequences. A calcaneus fracture occurs when your heel is forced down on your body weight in violent physical activity. Later this heel may shorten, widen or distort. 

The most important thing to avoid all these fractures is to choose the right shoes. It is a very basic statement but never forgets this basic principle. You have to choose the best shoes after the calcaneal fracture. You have to choose the appropriate post-operation shoes. There are many shoes for calcaneal fracture available on the market. 

In the case of calcaneal fracture, patients have to wear the best shoes to protect the foot and toes from negative pressure. The material of shoes can be made of textile, leather, or any synthetic materials. Some doctors will recommend any correction with the help of a small lift to an Orthopedic shoe store for patients with calcaneal fractures. 

List Of Best Shoes After Calcaneal Fracture

There are many options in the market for patients with calcaneal fractures. Some of them we discussed are below. 

Braceability Surgical Walking Shoe


  • This shoe has an ergonomic design. 
  • It is safe and secure for calcaneal fracture.
  • It is the most stable and comfortable shoe for calcaneal fracture.

These shoes for calcaneal fracture are comfortable as well as stylish. It has an all-in-one design that protects your feet from getting wet and is the perfect piece of shoes for the joint. This boot has a hard sole that gives extra stability during the walk. You can check their sizes thoroughly to choose the best size for you. If you are suffering from bunions, a broken toe, or hammertoes and want to heel your feet as soon as possible, these shoes are the best option. 

It has a rigid rocker button that supports the arch to relieve your pain and pressure to give you more comfort than ever. It has three adjustable medical-grade fastener straps that easily accommodate swelling. So it will give you a secure and safe fit. It has a lightweight Orthopedic foam insole that gives you cushioning effect and shock absorption for your quick recovery. It has an antimicrobial fabric that makes your feet smell fresh with its antimicrobial properties. Moreover, it is one of the best shoes after the calcaneal fracture and provides excellent protection and support after the surgery or injury on your foot, toe, ankle, or leg. 

Air Cast Walking Boot


  • Provides you protection and comfort
  • It gives you protection from slipping.
  • This shoe gives you shock resistance.
  • It gives you full-shell coverage.

The Aircast Airselect Walker Brace/Walking Boot is a device that has three different lengths to find the perfect fit for the type of walker that suits you the best. In addition, this device protects you from slipping on wet surfaces. The boot comes in Short (regular), Elite (shorter), and Standard-length options with Orthopedic inserts that will give you support and protection with maximum comfort despite the height of the shoes you are wearing. 

It is good for the walk with a cushioned step with an easy gait. This device has innovative SoftStrike technology that absorbs the shock during the lightweight rocker sole that helps in natural stride. When you wear these shoes in your calcaneal fracture, it takes three times less time for your swelling to go down. These shoes have a universal fitting that you can wear on either your right or left foot. The amazing thing is that it gives you relief from plantar fasciitis. Its design provides you with different sizes and types of ankles so that you wear them without any complications. 

United Ortho Fracture Boot


  • Lightweight.
  • Stability and comfort. 
  • Much interactive size chart.
  • It will give you support and custom compression.
  • This brand has many innovative designs.

The black United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot is amazing for calcaneal fractures. Wear these shoes, which will give you stability and comfort, despite where you are going. This shoe has innovative designs that give comfort during standing and walking on rough and hard surfaces. The shoes fit all women and men irrespective of your foot size. 

The shoes have universal sizes that fit easily on the left and right foot. This brand also gives you interactive size charts to easily select your gender and know everything about your size. You will never disappoint with these shoes as they are lightweight shoes for fractured feet. If you wear these shoes after the calcaneal fracture, you do not feel to protect your feet too much. It has a sturdy reinforced plastic shell that supports it and protects the foot of the user even when the patient is continuously walking or standing.  

Superior Braces Orthopedic Walker Boot 


  • It will give you comfort and stability.
  • This shoe is durable.
  • It has easy-to-use straps and an airliner.

These superior braces are perfect for those feet that need extra support. These low-profile air pump devices work when calf muscles are activated on each stride taken while wearing them to improve the joints’ stability. The stability may improve during any physical activity, which can stress these specific areas like running and walking. 

The sizes in these shoes can vary for both females and males. The shoe types can differ depending on the gender, with either right footedness or left footedness, and your particular size is between 8.5-11.5 (women) and 7.5-10 (men). These are lightweight shoes perfect for stable fractures, post-op surgery, and ankle sprains. It has many sizes that fit all. 


This article mentioned the best shoe collection that you can easily use after calcaneal fracture. These shoes are super comfortable and most efficient in stability and protection. Before buying these shoes, you have to choose the right size. 


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