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Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

All of us love online shopping, but when it comes to buying jewelry online in the past, we have seen people reluctant to buy jewelry online as they fear the risk of fraud and degraded quality. But nowadays, purchasing engagement rings and custom jewelry online has become a real trend. Online shopping for engagement rings opens up a whole new word.

Why Choose To Buy A Customized Engagement Ring Online?

There are plenty of pretty reasons that make online custom ring purchases worth trying. So, let’s discuss a few of them.

  • The Advantages Of Buying Engagement Rings Online

You can avail some excellent benefits while getting a customized diamond ring online. 

Online shopping helps you save time, rather than going to the market to find the perfect pair of Wedding ring sets. You can order it to be delivered to your doorstep. This will save you the time of each visit to the jewelry store.

According to our team’s different surveys, we discovered that the engagement rings found online are 30 to 40 percent cheaper than the physical stores. Online shopping saves you from spending storefront amounts. 

Online shopping lets you discover more options in less time rather than visiting every store. That takes more time visiting each store. You can do it in a matter of a few taps. 

While shopping in a physical store, they don’t provide flexible exchange policies, making it hard for you to make any changes. At the same time, online shops offer you easy returns and exchange policies. 

  • Customize A Diamond Engagement Ring: Make Her Dream A Reality

A customized diamond ring for your loved ones is unique and valuable for life. It offers below mentioned value-added features:

  • High-quality engagement ring for a lifetime

Having a customized ring for your special day means you have a high quality for a lifetime.

  • You can add special, sentimental touches

A customized ring allows you to feel personalized and particular sentiments and feelings towards your special day.

  • Custom doesn’t mean expensive

Many people confuse that having a customized ring means it would be expensive. However, this is not the case at all. You can have your custom-made ring within your budget.

  • Shows more commitment with an exceptional engagement ring

You can add special, sentimental touches to the ring by giving your designs. Custom rings provide a unique intimacy when your soulmate wears them throughout the day. The custom rings aren’t meant to be expensive but something that values the most to your loved ones.

  • Preparation Before Getting Started

Before buying an engagement ring, consider a few things to get the perfect tailor-made ring for your other half. 

Make sure to get the right size for your customized ring. As a little difference can make your present perfect ruin for life. The ring sizes vary from size 9 to 20 if considered numeric, or you can get an adjustable free-size ring. 

But it is always best to go with a specified size to make your girl feel special. You can take a ring to the jeweler and ask him to tell you the extent or measure it using techniques you find on the internet. The best idea is to sneak out your partner’s ring and use it to get the perfect size for your diamond engagement ring. 

Not everyone goes to buy a wedding ring every day. It’s not as simple as buying a gift or another piece of jewelry. Purchasing an engagement ring is as unique as proposing to the love of your life. So, don’t be dumb and dive into the market without knowing the market and rate trends. 

While choosing an ultimate ring, make sure to research the right jeweler and the current market rates going in the market, the latest trends and designs that will suit your budget. Then, search different jewelers’ websites, read the best features and pricing they are offering, and then choose the best among them. 

  • Learn About The Main Signs Of Quality

If you don’t know the diamond ratings and quality types, you can get ripped off easily. So make sure to take some basic guidelines before diving into the market ocean.

Diamond is not just a clear crystal that you consider in only one shape in different sizes.

There is a vast variety of diamonds present in the market, each offering a unique cut and clear, from authentic to synthetic, designs and terms you have never heard of. 

Be knowledgeable enough to be sure of the quality you are getting without the fear of being ripped off by the jeweler.

  • Leave Enough Time For Customization

A customized product takes time, no matter what it is. So be sure to order your customized love charm at least three months before the engagement so that you can be delivered with the perfect product for your memorable day. 

If you are getting a tailor-made diamond (lab synthesized), it requires months to be ready in its perfect forms. So make sure not to rush things and be calm with the process. 

Three Ways To Create A One-Of-A-kind Engagement Ring

While one may think that designing a piece of jewelry may require a graduate degree in fine arts or jewelry designing, it’s not true. True love is the only thing you may need to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your other half. You can take some ideas for your engagement ring from here.

  1. Start With A Ring Style If Your Loved One Has A Specific Style In Mind

The first thing is to have a specific style in your mind, with various shapes, colors, and diamonds you want to use. Make sure to keep in mind the preference of your significant other. The thing they might like and would love to see in the design. Create a rough sketch in your mind and let a professional refine it. 

Many unique colored diamonds can be found, including blue, green, pink, yellow diamond, etc. The diamond cuts include cushion cut, brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, etc. 

  • Start With The Diamond. If Your Beloved Is Set On A Certain Diamond Shape Or Color

There is a nearly infinite number of diamonds holding various shapes, colors, and sizes. Each diamond reflects a confident personality. You can choose your diamond shape from loose diamonds for your design. 

Or you can get your diamond custom-made, grown in a lab by new and improved technology. The most lovable and important gesture is by giving her a diamond made of your hair so that a part of you always stays with her. The best part is you can customize it as per your preference, even the shape and color. 

  • Design Your Ring If You Can’t Find Exactly What You Are Looking For

As said before, a true custom ring is designed yourself. However, you can surf the net and get your inspirations fresh in mind. When you get your inspiration, create a rough sketch of your idea design and seek help from a jewelry designer to bring your idea to life. 

Bring your idea to life with model build-up, cast material, and design, and receive the end product in a perfectly designed custom wedding ring. 

Tips To Make Your Customized Diamond Engagement Ring Stands Out

Every person wants to get a ring for their bride-to-that stands out from the rest and is unique to describe your uncanny love uniquely.

  • A Unique Center Diamond: Diamond Made From Your Loved One’s Hair

Hearing this may sound crazy, but scientists have made it possible with advanced technology and scientific knowledge. The unique diamond you can present to your bride is made with your hair. It would be extraordinary for your significant other to hold a part of yours.

Lab-grown diamonds are entirely customizable, ensuring high quality with fancy unique shades and shapes as per your desire. Moreover, these lab-grown diamonds are GIA certified with the same characteristics as the authentic ones at a much more affordable price.

  1. Integrating Special Messages In Your Engagement Ring

What’s better than a plain old ring? A unique msg engraved in the ring or a special memory, name, or date is carved into the girdle of the diamond with the laser inscription. Or you can ask the custom ring website for some unique engraving on the ring’s band. 

While the special message integrated can be of anything, here are some ideas to opt from, 

  • It can be the date you first met, 
  • The day you are going to propose, 
  • Initials of your name and your bride’s name. 

The creativity can go as far as you want it to be, so be sure to make it memorable. 

  • Create With Matching Wedding Band

Once you have prepared your unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you can work on creating a matching wedding band to go with it. Customize your bridal set instead of wasting time, money, and effort finding a matching wedding band set. Create a perfect setting for both of you, pairing just like how you pair with your loved ones. 


You have the complete guide to buying a customized engagement ring online. We hope this article helps you get the ultimate diamond engagement ring for your loved ones. Try to incorporate your wedding bands with hair-made diamonds so that both of you can hold a part of each other in your hand 24/7.

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