Logitech’s lightweight racing chair folds up for easy storage


The Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition looks nearly identical to the non-collab Playseat Challenge Black Actifit, which is about $70 cheaper. The Logitech version does come with a gear shift mount, which is an optional extra on the non-collab version, as well as a tilting pedal mount that doesn’t appear to be on the regular Challenge. The Logitech version also has an extra handle to easily adjust the position and, of course, the cool Logitech G logo and blue-on-black color scheme. Logitech’s marketing says it supports the Logitech G racing wheel and Logitech G Driving Force Shifter. It should also work with any other wheels, pedals, and shifters on the market.

Conveniently tuck it away in the folded position.
Image: Logitech

There are poles on the bottom that hold the pedals in place and can adjust back and forth to fit your leg length. And the seat itself has six positions that can help get you to feel like you’re in a car (even if it’s essentially a lawn chair).

By the time you’re considering a dedicated racing chair, you are probably pretty invested in racing sims. The Challenge X could be a good option for people who were put off by the bulk or price of other cockpits. And the whole thing weighs just 26 pounds and folds up for storage when you’re not using it.

And when your aunty and uncle make a surprise visit, your Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition could also become an (expensive) guest chair you can deploy when needed. You can explain to your uncle that the chair can conform to his body, includes “adjustable rigidity,” and has breathable mesh that’ll keep him thermally managed (he could use that). Don’t push it too far back, though, or he won’t be able to reach for his chai.

Once they leave, you can mount up the racing wheel and pedals again so you can sit back, put on another beat, and get back on the racetrack. Logitech is selling the Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition on Amazon.


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