“Nitro Circus” Rumored to Be Ramping Up at Paris


The last time “Nitro Circus” tried to open in Las Vegas, it ran out of gas.

This time, though, we hear the show once planned for Bally’s (now Horseshoe) will bring its stuntfest to Paris. The Las Vegas resort. Please keep up.

The Paris theater doesn’t have a great track record, but we sort of wanted to make that reference because motorcycles and bikes (featured in “Nitro Circus”) race on tracks, and such knowledge is sure to cement our reputation as a noted sports expert.

Paris would jump at the chance for a hit in its seemingly cursed theater.

As mentioned, “Nitro Circus” was slated to have a residency at in the “Jubilee” theater at Bally’s back in 2019.

The reason for the change of course was never really explained, which almost always means financial issues.

The show features freestyle motocross and BMX tricks, along with stunts on skates and scooters.

Anything falling under the “action sports” umbrella, basically, excluding threesomes, because the show is family-friendly.

We’ve also seen a stunt involving an armchair. Crowds go wild.

The last thing we recall hearing about “Nitro Circus” was a planned performance at the Las Vegas Ballpark being canceled at the last minute for no good reason.

“Nitro Circus” is an ongoing concern, through.

Anyway, the “return” of “Nitro Circus” to Las Vegas hasn’t been announced or confirmed, but we hear plans are already in the works to gut the existing dressing rooms at Paris to make way for all the motorcycles and other wheeled vehicles.

If you thought we weren’t going to ask A.I. to take a stab at a manatee cruising down The Strip on a motorcycle, do you even know this blog at all?

Should “Nitro Circus” land at Paris, it follows the disastrous “Bat Out of Hell” and a string of other flops like “Marilyn,” “Circus 1903” and “Inferno.”

One show did last awhile, “Jersey Boys,” which is returning to the Orleans. You know we’ll be there, as tickets are $69.

We look forward to our scoop being confirmed, and “Nitro Circus” should be a crowd-pleaser.



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