How to Wear The Micro Mini Trend


The micro mini skirt trend… are you into it? I definitely am and here is the way I like of wearing micro mini skirts in a chic and elegant way.

First, I always pair micro mini skirts with oversized blazers or jackets. A slouchy, oversized topper helps bring down the sexiness of the mini skirt and adds a touch of chic to this look.

Secondly, when it comes to micro mini skirts, I pay special attention to my choice of footwear. I think with very high heels, mini skirts can look a tad too sexy, especially when worn daytime, which is why I often opt for micro or kitten heels if I want to dress this look up or loafers with socks of I want to go casual.

The exact skirt I am wearing is by Source Unknown, for everything else, see below!

Shop everything I’m wearing in this post HERE, I also added a few similar options, hope you enjoy.



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