10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s two weeks away. Have your kids picked their costumes yet? If they haven’t, it might be a little late to order something from the costume catalogs or even Amazon at this point. But don’t panic: that doesn’t mean your kids will go costumeless this year. 

We’ve pulled together some last-minute costumes that are easy to pull together in no time. Plus, most of these costumes can be pulled together from items you already have or from a quick trip to the thrift store, so no need to worry about starting major DIY projects this close to Halloween! 

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All you need to make this costume happen are a plain pink or black leotard, some pink tights and a pretty and elegant ballet skirt. Canvas ballet slippers or similar shoes are typically cheap and easy to find. If your child has long hair, slick their hair back into a bun to pull the look together. 

If your child is a dancer, you can make the last-minute costume hunt even easier. Old recital and competition costumes can be repurposed into quick Halloween costumes if you’re in a bind. 


It doesn’t take a miracle to pull together an angel costume, especially if your little one already has a white dress. Find some accessories, like costume wings, to finish off the look. If you’re looking to bring something extra to this costume, consider some kid-friendly glittery makeup. 

Minions from Despicable Me

Minions have been a popular costume choice since the release of the original Despicable Me film back in 2010.

 It’s a great option if you’re looking for a costume that’s quick and easy but still timely and relevant. Just find a yellow top and some overalls and you’re all set! If you’re crafty, you can take this the extra mile by adding the Gru logo to the costume. 


Whether your kid plays softball, soccer, baseball, football, hockey or any other sport, old uniforms are great for repurposing into Halloween costumes. If you’re a family of sports fans, your kid can also dress up as their favorite pro athlete, especially if they have a jersey already. 


Tons of kids already have jeans and flannel shirts in their closet, which means you have the beginnings of a classic cowboy or cowgirl costume. Add a signature hat and maybe a bandana to the look and you’re all set. 

Where’s Waldo

Even over 35 years after his debut, Where’s Waldo continues to be a popular costume year after year. Because it’s so popular, you can probably find an iconic Waldo shirt pre-owned if you’re trying to avoid buying new pieces for Halloween.

After that, all you need is the matching hat, some jeans and a set of thick-rimmed glasses!

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter has been an iconic figure for decades now. A denim shirt and jeans (or a denim jumpsuit, if you happen to have one) and a red bandana are all you need to make this costume happen.

With some practice, you can master Rosie the Riveter’s famous hairstyle. If you’re comfortable with it, finish off the look with a kid-friendly red lipstick. 

Black Cat

Halloween costumes don’t get much more classic than a black cat. You can pull this together with any black clothes you have in the closet already. No need to overcomplicate it! Finish off the look with some cat ears and maybe some face paint. 


You don’t need a full supersuit to be Superman for Halloween. If you’re looking for something easier to pull together, find a Superman logo tee shirt and wear under a button up and nice pants. In no time at all, your kid can dress up as Clark Kent, ready to turn into Superman at any minute!


If all else fails, your kid always has the option to go as a ghost this Halloween. It’s been a quintessential last-minute Halloween costume for years, and for good reason.

It’s a costume that can be pulled together in minutes with household items. And there’s nothing wrong with going for a classic choice! 

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