Fitbit is adding step streaks back into the app


“In these first few weeks of trying out the new Fitbit app, you voiced key areas where you think we can improve the experience,” Google wrote in a Fitbit support blog.

After “seeing the outpour of love,” step streaks will be returning to the iOS version of the app. Google also says it will be bringing step streaks to Android as well. For those wondering if they’ll have to start over from scratch — nope! Google says steps already taken will count toward streaks. When you hit goals, like your daily step goal, celebration animations will also be added to the mobile app.

The redesigned app had a mixed response.
Image: Google

Some users also complained that the redesign, which borrows from the Material You design language, made things harder to read. Google says it’s going to make the Today tab more readable by reducing spacing and optimizing the layout. With the new app, Fitbit also made it easier for users to choose a focus and showcase specific metrics that tie into that. For example, if your goal is to stress less, you’ll see stress and related metrics up top. However, you could only choose between presets. Now, Google is saying that if the presets don’t suit your needs, you can choose and customize your own focus. Lastly, users will also be able to check the battery percentages of their devices in the Today tab.

It’s good to see Google is listening to its users here. Fitbit owners have been through the wringer this past year as Google works on integrating Fitbit and its services into its ecosystem. Just last week, Fitbit servers had their second major outage in under a year, just as new Google Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Charge 6 owners received their new devices. Ideally, those hiccups would’ve never happened — but considering they have, listening to feedback is the least Google can do to show it cares about making this transition successful.


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