7 LGBT History Podcasts for LGBT History Month


7 LGBT History Podcasts for LGBT History Month

7 LGBT History Podcasts for LGBT History Month

Calling all history buffs, podcast fans and anyone looking to learn something new! October is LGBT History Month, making it the perfect time to learn a little bit more about the LGBT community.

Listening to a good podcast is one of the best ways to learn about new topics. If you’re looking for a podcast that specializes in LGBT history but don’t know where to start, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. 

Here are seven options for podcasts that delve into different aspects of LGBT history, including talking to people who lived it, uncovering parts of LGBT history you may have never known existed and connecting topics back to the present day.

Whether you’re a parent of an LGBT child looking to learn more about the community or you just love to learn, we’ve got the podcast for you. 

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Making Gay History

This podcast brings LGBT history to life through conversations with people who lived through it and witnessed history firsthand. Each episode delves into a different person’s story and gives listeners a glimpse into different parts of LGBT history.

Episodes include conversations with founders of organizations like PFLAG, participants in the Stonewall riots and people who lived through the AIDS crisis. 

Queer as Fact

Run by four people out of Melbourne, Australia, Queer as Fact explore figures and topics from throughout history and around the world and look at their place within queer history.

Many episodes connect historical figures to modern day and pop culture. For example, a recent episode looks at Jane Austen and how her works and adaptations of them have become associated with queer culture


A podcast by Slate, this monthly salon strives to give listeners a deeper understanding of queer culture and politics through conversations between hosts and guests. Each episode talks about a timely issue or topic related to the LGBT community.

Some recent episodes dove into topics like corporate pride, the war on drag and a history of lesbian bars

History is Gay

The hosts of History is Gay are on a monthly mission to show listeners that history has never been quite as straight as we were lead to believe.

Episodes bring to light queer people from previously unexplored corners of history. This is a great choice if you’re someone who loves history podcasts and is always looking to learn about some lesser-known historical figures. 

Gender Reveal

If you keep hearing words like “cisgender” or “TERF” and have no idea what they mean, this is the podcast for you. Gender Reveal amplifies stories of trans and nonbinary people and also prides itself on being a free resource for people looking to learn more about gender.

The pilot episode, “Gender 101,” talks about terminology and topics like how sex and gender are connected.

If you’re a new listener or you’re looking for episodes on a specific topic, check out their Starter Packs. They have curated lists of episodes on topics like pronouns and language, trans parenting, TV and media representation and more.  


AfroQueer is a podcast hosted by journalist and oral historian Selly Thiam that celebrates queer Africans and their experiences on the continent and the diaspora.

Join Thiam as she uncovers personal stories through live storytelling, interviews and investigative reporting that will give listeners a better understanding of queer people around the world. 

Queer America

Here’s a perfect podcast for anyone who’s ever asked, “Why wasn’t I taught about this in school?”

Specifically designed for teachers and students who want to make queer history a bigger part of their in-classroom curriculum, Queer America focuses on LGBT history that isn’t usually taught in school.

Topics include the Lavender Scare, the AIDS epidemic and how WWII impacted queer communities. Episodes include discussion of the different topics and guides for how to incorporate queer history into classrooms.


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