Israel-Palestine War LIVE: War with Hamas ‘will be long’, says Israeli military spokesman |WION LIVE

[ad_1] The United States has advised Israel to hold off on a ground assault in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and is keeping Qatar – a broker with the Palestinian militants – apprised of those talks, sources said, as Washington tries to free more hostages and prepare for a possible spillover in a wider regional war. […]

Israel Shows Media Horrific Hamas Bodycam Footage to Combat Wave of ‘Denial’ From Growing

[ad_1] Hamas released two more Israeli hostages Monday evening, and Israel released bodycam footage of the October 7 massacre, as the Israel-Hamas War continued for the 18th day. Hamas posted video of its fighters taking care of Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, and Nurit Cooper, 79, before handing them over to the Red Cross in Egypt, which […]

10 Kidnapped by Hamas – Top Rated Local Jewish Businesses, Places & Professionals Your One-Stop Source for All Things Jewish. Photo Album By Jewish Digital Times

[ad_1] Shoshan Haran’s sunroom in her home in the Be’eri kibbutz was lined with orchids — so many, because her neighbors often brought their sickly plants to rehab under her care. Today most of the house lies in black ash, torched by Hamas terrorists who are believed to have kidnapped Shoshan and her extended family […]

The innocent young hostages at the mercy of heartless killers

[ad_1] It is a gallery of unutterable heartbreak – the child captives of Hamas terrorists photographed in happier times before horror struck their families. These babies, toddlers and teenagers are among more than 150 Israelis taken hostage after Hamas launched its murderous onslaught last weekend.  Human rights groups are busy trying to track the kidnappings […]

LIVE Watch Israel-Hamas war latest: Israeli tanks and troops cross into Gaza as part of ‘tactical raid’

[ad_1] Israel’s Army Radio reports that ground forces carried out a “relatively large” operation aimed at attacking Hamas positions in Gaza. In a live television address to the nation last night, Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was “getting prepared” for a ground invasion. Meanwhile, UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has confirmed that he will be […]

Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Rahma Zein On Palestine’s Suffering | The Full Interview

[ad_1] Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Rahma Zein On Palestine’s Suffering | The Full Interview Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Egyptian podcaster Rahma Zein for an open debate and discussion on what she says is the historic mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, her viral video calling out CNN international reporter, the […]

Iran Trained, Financed, and Armed Hamas for the October 7th Attack, Says Israel’s Envoy

[ad_1] In a passionate address to the United Nations General Assembly, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, revealed the orchestrator behind the devastating October 7 attack on the Jewish State. Erdan unequivocally pointed fingers at Iran, attributing a grim toll: more than 1,400 lives lost, and 224 individuals held captive. In his fervent plea, […]

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