Gazan Residents Experience Internet Disruption as Major Provider Suffers Collapse, According to Report


In a recent development reported by global internet monitor NetBlocks, NetStream, a prominent internet service provider in the Gaza Strip, has halted its services. The cessation occurred shortly after the operator informed its subscribers about the termination of services due to an acute shortage of fuel supplies. NetBlocks, in a post on X, confirmed this information based on real-time network data analysis.

The data provided by NetBlocks illustrates a rapid decline in network connectivity in the region referred to as “Palestine.” This deterioration commenced on October 7, coinciding with a tragic event where Hamas terrorists perpetrated an appalling act, leading to the loss of 1,400 lives in southern Israel and the capture of hundreds more.

Analyzing the NetBlocks data further reveals a significant drop in network connectivity around October 12, followed by a partial recovery, only to plunge to complete disconnection on October 27.

Additionally, a report from Reuters on Thursday highlighted the urgent appeal made by the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), the UN body responsible for providing aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. UNRWA emphasized its desperate need for fuel to sustain its essential operations within the Hamas-ruled Palestinian enclave. This plea underscores the critical importance of resources to support humanitarian efforts in the region.


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