IDF Chief Addresses Troops: Our Primary Objective is Achieving Victory and Dismantling Hamas


Amidst the tense atmosphere on the Gaza border, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi addressed the troops, emphasizing their singular objective: the complete dismantling of Hamas.

“Since the onset, we’ve been entrenched in a state of war, a reality that permeates our every move. This journey will be protracted, demanding patience and persistence. We find ourselves in a phase where we are striking the enemy with unrelenting force, penetrating even the heart of the Gaza Strip,” Halevi articulated.

Solemnly he declared, “The IDF’s focus now converges onto a solitary goal: triumph. It encapsulates the systematic deconstruction of Hamas, targeting not only their leadership but also every adversary combatant and the very sinews of their infrastructure. We wage this battle with an unyielding resolve, aiming for the utter obliteration of this threat.”


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