New York Post’s slams activists removing posters of captives


New York Post’s slams activists removing posters of captives 

Front page shows two women ripping apart posters of Israelis being held in Gaza; ‘Not a shred of decency’ cover reads

The New York Post’s cover page on Thursday criticized anti-Israeli activists after they defaced and vandalized posters hung by pro-Israel supporters showing the pictures of men, women, and children who’ve been abducted into Gaza by Hamas.  

Not a shred of decency,” The New York Post’s cover read. “Anti-Israel activists rip down hostage posters in petty acts of hate.” The cover’s picture shows two women facing the camera after tearing down and ripping several posters.

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“Hamas vows to kill Jews ‘again and again,'” the paper added on the cover, referring to an interview given by a senior Hamas official earlier this week, to a Lebanese outlet. “Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country. We are not ashamed to say that with full force. We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again,” Ghazi Hamad said from his home in Beirut.

In a post sharing the cover on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), The Post also quoted New York Mayor Eric Adams saying that the phenomenon of vandalizing the posters was “deeply misguided.”

“As I’ve repeatedly [said] over the last three weeks, the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel were abhorrent, and every hostage should be immediately released to their family,” Adams said in a statement quoted in the report.Numerous incidents of anti-Israel activists tearing down the posters and other protests against Israel’s fight against Hamas continue to gain traction around the country, including in prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, and Stanford.

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