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The fourth season of Inside Illustration has launched! The multi-platform season for AOI Members on site specific illustration is now available.

Each Inside Illustration season includes an exclusive Podcast with top guests, a four part Creative Course for members, an in-depth Article, interview, a Folio of members’ work, and a comprehensive How To get into Site Specific Illustration for those interested in exploring this season’s theme.

Season 4 focuses on Site Specific Illustration across a range of applications: murals, sign writing, installations – check out some of the content below:

Neequaye Dreph

The Podcast:

In this episode we’re discussing murals with artists and illustrators Neequaye Dreph and Louis (Masai) Michel, who are both well know for impressive mural work that makes a statement. 

Our guests discuss how to approach starting murals, the challenges, positives and practical aspects along with organising and working on Margate’s impressive 18-mural Rise Up environmental project


The Article:

Working off the page at scale comes with big kicks, and also much to consider. 

In Illustration in the Physical World writer Alix-Rose Cowie talks to Lena YokoyamaRick Berkelmans aka Hedof, and signwriter Hana Sunny on their work for shop window installations, pub signs and murals and mall installations that stop people in their tracks.

Greg Stobbs / Squirl

The Creative Practice Course:

AOI members have the exclusive opportunity to explore a range of illustration for children areas by taking part in our Creative Practice Course, with illustrator Dave Bain and guest illustrators:

How to begin mural painting Greg Stubbs and Dave Bain, Incorporating sign writing into your illustration practice with Hana Sunny, Effective engagement with a target audience with Will Redgrove and Tackling complex mural commissions with Mel Northover

Muralist Dave Bain features on the cover

Interested in creating work and being commissioned in the Site Specific area? 

Help yourself get more commissions in murals, sign writing and more!

How To get into Site Specific Illustration: This downloadable publication (exclusive for AOI members) by Dave Bain covers what you need to know, from what to expect from these areas of commissioning and the types of clients, to materials, process, training and insurance.

With insightful quotes from illustrators/muralists, Hatch, Sydney Prusso, Tozer Signs, Alex of Blank Walls and agent, Ciara Phelan – Co-Founder & Creative Director at Grand Matter, working in this area,

Members have access to all these and more at Inside Illustration! Explore it all now.


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