Israeli Forces Seize Terrorist Stronghold, Advancing Towards Hamas Headquarters near Shifa Hospital


In the early hours of Thursday morning, Israeli Defense Forces successfully seized control of a significant Hamas stronghold in west Jabaliya, located just north of Gaza City. The operation, which lasted 10 hours, involved intense fighting against Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives in Outpost 17, an area both above and below ground. Dozens of terror operatives were eliminated during the battle.

Within Outpost 17, the IDF discovered substantial Hamas battle plans, along with weapons and tunnel shafts. One tunnel, situated near a kindergarten, led to an extensive underground network. Simultaneously, the IDF confirmed the elimination of Ibrahim Abu-Maghsib, a senior Hamas commander responsible for the terror group’s anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) operations in central Gaza.

In Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, Israeli forces uncovered a Hamas drone manufacturing plant and weapons depot inside a residential building near a school. The IDF found multiple Hamas drones, manufacturing equipment, and instructions for explosive devices. Remarkably, this discovery took place next to a children’s bedroom, where several bombs were recovered.

Despite the advances made by Israeli ground forces in northern Gaza, the situation for civilians remains dire. To aid their safety, Israel has opened an evacuation corridor along Salah-al-Din Street for southward traffic. Although warnings were issued, urging Gazans to move to southern Gaza for their safety, the conditions within Gaza City are alarming. Reports indicate severe shortages of food, drinking water, and medical supplies. Displaced people have sought shelter in Al-Shifa Hospital’s parking lots and yards, adding to the humanitarian crisis.

While Israel denies a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, international bodies confirm the dire conditions at Al-Shifa Hospital. The hospital faces immense challenges, treating patients in corridors, on the floor, and outdoors due to the lack of resources. Hamas’s actions exacerbate the crisis, with allegations of stockpiling essential supplies that are being withheld from civilians.

Amidst this turmoil, the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, with ongoing rocket attacks and military operations. The toll on both sides, both in terms of lives lost and displaced populations, continues to rise, further deepening the tragedy in the region.


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