How are marketers using Generative AI? | by David Leibowitz | Nov, 2023

Real-world practical examples of transforming customer engagement.

Customer journey storyboard designed with DALL-E, Credit: David Leibowitz

Generative AI has the potential to transform marketing from the ground up; where personalization and efficiency converge to create compelling customer experiences that connect with brands. Yet marketers and merchandisers are still merely scratching the surface to imagine possibilities.

The AI revolution began with automating repetitive tasks and digitizing traditional practices. But we can reimagine the very fabric of marketing, infusing creativity with intelligence, personalizing the customer experience, and reaching markets faster.

This exploration shares seven real-world use cases where generative AI isn’t merely a tool but a game-changer for marketers. From streamlining content creation to enhancing customer engagement with augmented reality, these examples showcase how AI’s versatility can be harnessed to deliver not just faster results, but smarter, more creative solutions.

Crafting product descriptions for a vast catalog of items can be a tedious process. It demands a delicate balance between engaging prose that resonates with humans and SEO (search engine optimized) text that ensures search priority.

Tools like their recently announced Shopify Magic or ChatGPT can be used to automate the creation of product descriptions using keywords and suggested tones. Not to be outdone, Amazon launched a generative AI tool to help sellers write “captivating product descriptions, titles and listing details.” (via TechCrunch).

Source: Shopify

Why it matters, and what’s ahead

According to Shopify, there are millions of products without descriptions on their platform. And products without descriptive content reduce consumer confidence and typically don’t sell. How many times have you encountered a product page on any e-commerce site and bailed because the lack of content gave you pause?

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