EU Condemns Hamas’ Use of Hospitals and Civilians as Human Shields as IDF Approaches Shifa

[ad_1] In addressing the complex dynamics of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the 27 member nations of the European Union collectively censured Hamas. Their condemnation centered on the group’s alleged use of hospitals and civilians as “human shields” in its ongoing war with Israel. Simultaneously, a Turkish vessel, laden with supplies destined for the establishment of field […]

Crypto advocacy group pushes back against proposed IRS rules on brokers

[ad_1] The Blockchain Association, a United States-based cryptocurrency advocacy group, has submitted a comment letter mainly in opposition to tax regulations proposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In a Nov. 13 letter, the Blockchain Association (BA) said proposed IRS rules introduced in August aimed at regulating the sale and exchange of digital assets by […]

Attorney Warns Biglaw’s Antisemitism Letter Makes Lawyers Worry About Getting Fired, Gets Fired

[ad_1] In the immediate aftermath of the attacks Hamas launched on Israel last month, some law students and lawyers said some incredibly awful things and got penalized for it. An NYU Law student saw their future job yanked after writing that the attacks were “necessary.” Firms rescinded offers to students for belonging to groups that […]

Robert Hadden’s Abuse Victims Are Offered $100 Million by Columbia

[ad_1] Nearly four months after a former Columbia University gynecologist was sentenced to 20 years in prison for abusing patients, the university on Monday apologized to victims and announced a “multipronged” response plan. The former doctor, Robert A. Hadden, was convicted in federal court earlier this year of inducing four patients to cross state lines […]

IDF says Hamas blocked fuel delivery to Shifa Hospital as troops advance in Gaza

[ad_1] Amidst the ongoing conflict, Israeli forces made significant strides on Sunday in the northern reaches of the Gaza Strip. They seized control of an urban area proximate to Beit Hanoun, with intense clashes persisting in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital. Israel affirmed its commitment to safeguarding civilians and patients amidst the hostilities. The Israel […]

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