Decoding the Roots of the Hamas-Israel Conflict | Explained by ABC News

In this comprehensive video, ABC News delves into the origins of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, providing a historical perspective that spans from World War I to the present day. The narration explores the complexities surrounding Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, its blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the historical events that shaped the region. From the post-World War II landscape to the formation of the state of Israel and the subsequent Arab-Israeli War, the video examines key turning points, including the Six Day War of 1967 and the formation of the controversial group Hamas in the late 1980s. The narration sheds light on the challenges faced by Palestinians in the occupied territories, the political and religious motivations behind Israeli settlements, and the ongoing tensions related to Jerusalem’s holy sites. As the video unfolds, viewers gain insights into the geopolitical intricacies that contribute to the longstanding conflict, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues at play in the region.

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