Emotional Return: Israeli Survivor Recounts Horrors of Hamas Attack at Nova Music Festival


In this poignant video, May Hyatt, an Israeli survivor, revisits the haunting scene of a Hamas attack at the Nova music festival in Israel. Having narrowly escaped death during one of the deadliest massacres on October 7th, May shares her emotional journey of grappling with the traumatic memories. From hiding in a hole with a man to witnessing shootings, she recounts the harrowing moments that unfolded during the attack. May describes the desperate measures she took to survive, including using blood to feign death until the Israeli soldiers arrived several hours later. As the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas continues, May’s story reflects the struggles faced by many Israelis and Palestinians in dealing with the lasting impact of such traumatic events. Join us as May Hyatt courageously confronts her past, seeking closure and understanding amid the ongoing tensions in the region.


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