IDF Exposes Hamas Terror Network in Gaza Hospital | Shocking Evidence Uncovered!


In this breaking update, IDF correspondent Am Pinto reports on the 38th day of the Gaza-Israel war, revealing a major IDF operation to neutralize 21 Hamas terrorists hiding in the basement of Rantisi Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The IDF’s special units not only successfully eliminated the threat but also discovered a hidden Hamas command station within the hospital’s confines.

Am Pinto takes viewers on a chilling tour through Gaza City, showcasing the proximity of a senior Hamas terrorist’s house to the hospital, complete with a covert tunnel leading to the hospital. The uncovered evidence includes operational gear such as explosives, vests, hand grenades, Kalashnikovs, and RPGs.

The footage exposes the disturbing reality of Hamas using hospital basements as operational hubs, with infrastructure like toilets, showers, and a kitchen. Specific items found, including a motorcycle used in a previous massacre, indicate the terrorists’ ruthless tactics.

Furthermore, Am Pinto unveils a room suspected of holding hostages, complete with curtains seemingly set up for filming propaganda. A list found in the room details an operation against Israel that started on October 7th, emphasizing the urgent need to eradicate Hamas.

The video ends with a plea for viewers to share this shocking footage to spread awareness of the truth about Hamas’ actions and to support Israel in its mission to stop the terror organization. Keep the region and its people in your prayers for lasting peace.


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