Five Hamas Members Fatally Engaged by IDF Forces During Incursion into Shifa Hospital


In the early hours of Wednesday, the IDF stealthily infiltrated a specified section of Shifa Hospital, concealing the exact objectives, timing, and nature of their mission to safeguard the ongoing operation and prevent potential risks to IDF forces that could arise from divulging certain details.

The military proudly declared the successful transport of vital medical apparatus and provisions, including neonatal incubators and nourishment for infants. International media outlets hinted at IDF spokespersons suggesting the prospect of uncovering hostages held by Hamas, drawing a parallel to the discovery of a hostage holding area beneath Rantisi Hospital earlier in the week.

Despite the absence of explicit confirmation regarding hostages within Shifa, the military, as of 9:00 a.m., reported a notable cache of Hamas weaponry as their primary discovery. While five Hamas terrorists met their demise during the IDF’s entry into Shifa, no hostile resistance was encountered within the hospital premises. The situation remains fluid, with the IDF intending to explore other specified zones within the expansive hospital complex.

The existence of extensive subterranean tunnel networks beneath and around Shifa adds complexity to the IDF’s mission. The operation’s precise nature is underscored by the uncertainty surrounding whether it will involve penetrating these underground passages or serve as an initial intelligence-gathering initiative, akin to the three brief intelligence-collecting forays into Gaza preceding the main invasion in late October.

Notably, no IDF personnel have suffered harm during the ongoing Shifa operation. Contrary to some foreign reports, the IDF has refrained from disabling communication channels for the hospital.

The IDF characterizes the current operation as meticulously planned and gradual, expressing uncertainty about the veracity of a circulating social media video depicting a woman within the hospital wounded by shrapnel or debris from the building, underscoring the intricacies of the situation.


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