Intense Developments in Israel-Hamas Conflict: IDF Strikes Hezbollah, Uncovers Weapons Smuggling, and Advances in Gaza


In this comprehensive update on the Israel-Hamas conflict, join reporter Ya Pinto as he details the unfolding events on day 38 of the war. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are engaged on multiple fronts, including the northern front against Hezbollah along the Israel-Lebanon border. In Syria, the IDF conducts a covert aerial operation to track weapon deliveries from Iran to Hezbollah, revealing the intricate challenges faced by Israeli forces.

The video covers the interception of missiles launched from Syria, the subsequent F35 bomber response, and the destruction of command positions and bunkers. The IDF’s strategic capabilities are highlighted, showcasing their surveillance prowess in targeting militants without detection until the strikes fall.

Moving to the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF makes significant gains, destroying terrorist tunnels, command positions, and extracting valuable intelligence. Reports suggest that the leadership of Hamas is escaping southward, disguised as civilians, adding a new layer of complexity to the conflict.

The focus then shifts to the imminent battle for the southern Gaza Strip. The IDF identifies and neutralizes terror tunnels, emphasizing the difficulty of the situation as they search for 240 hostages, including children and women, believed to be kept underground in the Gaza Strip.

As the IDF progresses in its mission, viewers are urged to pray for the release of the hostages, the safety of Israeli soldiers risking their lives, and the overall peace in the region, particularly for Jerusalem. Stay informed on the latest developments in this dynamic and challenging conflict.


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