Hamas hostage dungeon under Gaza hospital: Israeli soldiers show captured underground prison


 In Gaza City we are here next to a house of a terrorist this is one of the senior terrorists who is the head of the operational Naval operations that led the raids into Israel his house is right next to a to a school his house is 200 yard from the hospital the hospital of rantisi next to his house there is a tunnel now I want to show you an operational tunnel the tunnel is built with electricity we first saw the solar panels then the electricity goes here and it goes down directly to the tunnel now you can see the tunnel you can see the tunnel the tunnel is L down more than  down the r boot found a door a door that is bulletproof it’s a it’s explosives proof this is a cover tunnel it’s part of the same floor and it’s slides down here so it’s a cover tunnel so nobody can find it this is rantisi hospital and this is the place where I showed you the tunnel I want you to see this is the back side of the hospital Kamas used this hospital tonight we have entered into this building I will show you the evidence let’s enter into the hospital we’re now entering into the area of the hospital where we had found the evidence this operation was conducted by Israeli special unit 


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