Israel-Hamas war: People in Gaza endure Israeli attacks as they wait for aid


Gaza’s Hamas run Health Ministry says more than 4,000 Palestinians have been killed and 13,000 wounded in Israeli strikes Israel has continued it shelling of the territory including the South where it had previously told gazing to go for their own safety Hamas has also fired Rockets into Israel as Palestinians wait for that humanitarian Aid to cross the border from Egypt they are ready and waiting a percentage of these Aid trucks is supposed to be allowed through the Rafa crossing the only Crossing into Gaza not controlled by Israel 20 in all Aid trucks for Gaza there 2 and a half million people that need assistance 20 trucks is a drop in the ocean of need right now in Gaza on the other side of the Rafa Crossing there is Mayhem and despair even if Southern Gaza is where Israel told Northern gazans to go for safety’s sake heavy air strikes in conun in the South meant the overflowing nasar Hospital took in even more wounded for critical care there’s no safety there’s nowhere safe in gaza you have to be ready to die and to just stay in your house when there is a threat originating or being conducted against Israel from the south and we will strike absolutely Israel’s Army will soon move into the Gaza Strip Israel’s defense minister told the troops massing on its border


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