Unveiling the Horrors: Hamas Militant’s GoPro Captures October 7th Terror Attack on Israel

In this exclusive report, CNN shares footage obtained from the Israeli military, revealing the chilling events of the October 7th terror attack on Israeli civilians as documented by a Hamas militant’s GoPro camera. The video, spanning 100 minutes, offers an unprecedented look into the preparation, execution, and aftermath of the attack. The report also covers the Israeli Defense Forces’ 24-hour operation at al-Shifa Hospital, where discrepancies arise between their claims of Hamas infrastructure and the actual findings. The footage exposes significant failures in Israel’s security apparatus on that fateful day, prompting a thorough investigation. Viewers are warned of the graphic nature of the video as it unfolds, showcasing the stark contrast in mindset between the Hamas militants and the Israeli Defense Forces.

The video sheds light on the psychological complexities surrounding the attackers’ willingness to sacrifice their lives for their cause and the unforeseen vulnerabilities in Israel’s renowned security system.

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