IDF Strikes Major Hamas Command Post in Shifa Medical Center | Iran-Hamas Alliance in Jeopardy | Gaza-Israel War Update


In this breaking update on the Gaza-Israel conflict, IDF forces have successfully eliminated key Hamas positions in the Shifa Medical Center during the 40th day of intense fighting. The Ayatollah Ali of Iran, in a surprising move, declares that Iran will not initiate a war against Israel and expresses dissatisfaction with Hamas for not being informed about the October 7 attacks. This revelation hints at a potential strain in the Iran-Hamas alliance, impacting Hamas’s regional support.

The IDF’s targeted attacks within the Shifa Medical Center unveil a significant Hamas command post in the Gaza Strip. Operating from within the medical complex, Hamas terrorists launched an attack on IDF forces, leading to the discovery of advanced communication devices and technological capabilities. The IDF believes this location to be a major hub for Hamas’s command operations.

The battle for control of the Shifa Medical Center continues, with IDF forces uncovering layers of the terror structure beneath the hospital. Despite the conflict, the IDF demonstrates a humanitarian gesture by delivering medical aid, including incubators for babies, to assist the civilian Palestinian population inside the hospital.

As the situation unfolds, we call on viewers to stay informed about the ongoing Gaza-Israel war, to pray for the safety of IDF soldiers, and for the well-being of the civilian Palestinian population in the Shifa Medical Center. Subscribe for more updates on this developing story and join us in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.


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