Israel Declares War on Hamas | Unprecedented Attack Sparks Regional Tensions | WSJ News Update


In this breaking news update from The Wall Street Journal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces a declaration of war on Hamas following an unparalleled surprise attack by the Gaza-based militant group. The attack, labeled “Operation al Aqsa flood” by the Hamas military commander, involves a coordinated assault with over 5000 rockets launched by land, sea, and air, marking the largest attack on Israel in years.

The situation intensifies as gunmen infiltrate Israel from the south, seizing control of several villages. Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip reach as far north as Tel Aviv, prompting residents to stay indoors as emergency responders are activated. Meanwhile, Palestinian families in Gaza begin fleeing their homes amid fears of Israeli retaliation.

This development holds deep significance for Israel, occurring just after the commemoration of 50 years since the Yom Kippur war. Israel’s defense force, one of the most formidable in the Middle East, comprising 169,000 active duty troops and 465,000 reservists, responds with airstrikes on what they claim to be Hamas targets in Gaza.

As the nation enters a state of shock and mobilization, political tensions escalate, and the focus shifts to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response. Join us as we provide real-time updates on this evolving crisis and its implications for the region. Subscribe for the latest news on this conflict and its geopolitical ramifications.


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