Unveiling the Humanitarian Crisis in Gazza’s Hospitals Amidst Conflict


Innocent lives are perishing, and the hospitals in Gazza stand powerless, a scene of profound dismay. Kaas, with deliberate intent, has orchestrated humanitarian crises within pivotal Gahan medical facilities. Ingeniously situating the nerve centers of its terror tunnel network beneath these hospitals, it effectively transforms patients into unwitting human shields. The intelligence reached us weeks prior, and now the grim reality unfolds before our eyes. The IDF, in a harrowing discovery, reveals a Hamas command and control center clandestinely beneath the Reis Hospital of All Places, a children’s sanctuary in Gaza. There, an arsenal of AK-forty-seven rifles, RPGs, bombs, explosives, and grenades lay exposed. Beyond the weaponry, they hoard vital fuel, callously denying its release to hospitals in dire need, even siphoning from their own reservoirs.

Just yesterday, Israeli soldiers personally delivered 300 liters of fuel to Shia. Despite Hamas obstructing access, Israel remains undeterred. Transferring incubators from Israeli hospitals to Gaza, they persist in opening humanitarian corridors, facilitating the exodus of civilians to the south. Despite Hamas converting these hospitals into legitimate military targets, Israel, maintaining moral integrity under international law, refrains from bombing these medical sanctuaries. What unfolds is a meticulously plotted scheme by Hamas to exploit its people’s lives, leveraging global pressure against Israel for their response to the October Seven Th massacre. Let us not forget, Hamas leaders openly proclaim their willingness to be martyrs in their religious war against Israel, ready to sacrifice both our children and their own. Their terror is palpable, and it is imperative to halt their reign. Free Palestine from the clutches of Fromas.


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