Automating Your DevOps: Writing Scripts that Save Time and Headaches | by Ulas Can Cengiz | Nov, 2023


Or, how scripting revolutionized my workflow

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Imagine a time when factories were full of life, with gears turning and machines working together. It was a big change, like what’s happening today with computers. In the world of creating and managing software, we’re moving from doing things by hand to letting computers do the work. I’ve seen this change happen, and I can tell you, writing little programs, or “scripts,” is what’s making this change possible.

Just like factories changed how things were made, these little programs are changing the way we handle software. They’re like a magic trick that turns long, boring tasks into quick and easy ones. In this article, I’m going to show you how these little programs fit into the bigger picture, how they make things better and faster, and the headaches they can take away.

We’re going to go on a trip together. I’ll show you how things used to be done, talk about the different kinds of little programs and tools we use now, and share some of the tricks I’ve learned. I’ll tell you stories about times when these little programs really made a difference, give you tips, and show you some examples. So, buckle up, and let’s jump into this world where making and managing software is not just a job, but something really special.

Think back to a long time ago, when big factories with lots of smoke changed how things were made. People started using machines to do more work than ever before. Something similar is happening in the world of making and looking after software — called DevOps. I’ve watched this change happen, and it’s been like a whole new world opening up.

This big change is like a spark that set off a huge firework. It moved us from working with actual machines to working in a world made of computer code. Making software used to take a lot of time and effort, but then we started to let computers do some of the work for us. I remember the first time I made a computer do my job for me; it felt like I had turned it into a superhero.

But it’s in DevOps that letting computers do the work really found its perfect place. DevOps isn’t just about the tools we use…


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