IDF continues raid on Gaza hospital


In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, lasting 42 days, recent reports indicate the discovery of a second hostage near Gaza’s largest medical facility, El Shifa Hospital, which was stormed by Israeli forces. Tragically, another hostage, a mother of five, was found deceased last night. Graphic footage from Israeli sources claims to depict the destruction of a weapons production plant belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Israeli troops, once again inside Al Shifa Hospital, assert gathering evidence of a Hamas military headquarters beneath the facility. Despite Hamas refuting this claim, striking satellite imagery illustrates the toll on Palestinian civilians, with thousands navigating through the devastation in Northern Gaza.

The struggle to retrieve hostages intensifies, with the Israeli military persisting in its relentless assault on Northern Gaza. A purported weapons production plant of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was reportedly obliterated. Simultaneously, Hamas released footage of its fighters engaging Israeli forces with rocket-propelled grenades and sniper teams operating from damaged structures.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry reports a death toll surpassing 12,000 in Gaza, as Israel confirms the discovery of two more deceased hostages near Al Shifa Hospital, identified as 19-year-old Noah Marciano and 65-year-old Yudit Weiss.

A video from Hamas highlights 86-year-old hostage Arya Zelmanovich, prompting his family’s plea for media restraint. Israeli troops continue excavating a tunnel entrance near Al Shifa Hospital, exposing the extent of the underground network after 42 days of conflict.

Satellite imagery depicts the devastation in Northern Gaza, compelling a significant exodus of people toward the south, where Israel claims it is safer. Despite the catastrophic damage, Hamas manages to launch rockets into Tel Aviv, met with interception attempts.

In Israel, families of hostages march for five days, pressuring authorities for their release. However, Israel’s National Security adviser rejects a ceasefire without a “massive repatriation of hostages,” raising questions about the scale of such repatriation.

The complexity of negotiations is evident within the Israeli cabinet, with divisions on the proposed deal. One faction advocates for the release of around 50 hostages (women and children) in exchange for a three-day ceasefire, while another faction seeks a broader deal encompassing all hostages, including males and their family members.

The situation remains intricate, with ongoing debates and uncertainties surrounding the terms of any potential agreement.


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