Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority denied Hamas carried out the massacre at nature festival near Gaza

In the contemporary discourse, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority, situated in Ramallah, articulated a statement that defies credulity. Rather than attributing the tragic massacre at the nature festival near Gaza to Hamas, the authority categorically rejected such claims and, astonishingly, pointed fingers at Israel for perpetrating the atrocity. This constitutes a stark reversal of reality. Abu Maen, who has, in the past, disavowed the historical veracity of the Holocaust, is now disavowing the responsibility of Hamas for the aforementioned massacre. This stance is unequivocally unacceptable.

My objective is clear: post-eradication of Hamas, any prospective civil administration in Gaza must refrain from disavowing the massacre, abstain from indoctrinating its youth into terrorism, cease financing terrorists, and desist from imparting to its children the notion that their life’s ultimate goal is the annihilation and dissolution of the State of Israel. Such a stance is not only untenable but also counterproductive to the pursuit of lasting peace.

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