BREAKING: IDF Releases Video REVEALING Hamas Hiding Hostages In Al-Shifa Hospital


On this 45th day of the Gaza-Israel conflict, I’m Y. Pinto, bringing you updates from Israel. In the last 24 hours, the IDF has unveiled compelling evidence confirming Hamas’s use of the Shifa Medical Center to conceal Israeli hostages abducted on October 7th. Tragically, it has been verified that Hamas took the life of one of these hostages, Noah Martiano, an Israeli IDF soldier. Her demise was enacted in retaliation after IDF forces neutralized one of the terrorists involved in her abduction.

The IDF has released additional footage showcasing Hamas terrorists utilizing a military vehicle to transport more hostages into the Shifa Medical Center. Examining the map reveals Hamas’s exploitation of civilian infrastructure in Gaza, including mosques, hospitals, kindergartens, and schools, to solidify control and launch terror attacks against Israel.

Despite the undeniable evidence, the world often characterizes Hamas fighters as “freedom fighters,” urging Israel to halt what is perceived as a massacre. However, the reality is far from these calls. Israel is actively investing time, resources, and military efforts to evacuate the civilian population from harm’s way in Gaza. Fighting in this region is exceptionally challenging due to Hamas’s use of civilians as human shields.

Your assistance is crucial in disseminating the truth about the dire situation in Gaza, now a notorious hub for terrorism under Hamas’s control. The IDF requires support to accomplish its mission of eradicating Hamas, freeing hostages, and preventing the spread of this malevolence beyond Gaza’s borders. Join us by sharing these videos to ensure the truth reaches those who need to hear it. Keep our soldiers, hostages, and families in your prayers, and let us collectively pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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