Military Operation Uncovers Weapons Factory in Gaza City Mosque | Israel-Hamas Conflict Update


In a recent military operation, soldiers from the 188th Brigade, in collaboration with the Yahalom unit, made a significant discovery inside a mosque in the Zun area of Gaza City. This operation, part of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, revealed the mosque’s illicit use as a factory for producing weapons and UAVs.

Upon entering the mosque, the forces uncovered a tunnel shaft, leading them to a hidden workshop where rockets were being manufactured. The extent of the weaponry found was staggering, including AK-47s, Dragunov rifles, and PKMs, concealed in bags originally intended for rice distribution.

This disturbing revelation sheds light on the militarization of religious spaces and underscores the complexities of the ongoing conflict. The video captures the soldiers’ detailed search, highlighting the diverse range of weapons and equipment discovered, including RPG-7 anti-personnel charges.

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