The Complex Roots of the Hamas-Israel Conflict Unveiled | A Historical Perspective by ABC News


Dive into the intricate history behind the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict with this comprehensive analysis by ABC News. Unraveling the origins dating back to World War I, this video explores the consequences of Britain’s control over the region and the subsequent division of the British mandate into a Jewish State and an Arab State by the United Nations. Understand the tensions that emerged post-Israel’s formation, marked by conflicts over land, displacement of Palestinians, and the term “Nakba” symbolizing catastrophe. Delve into the consequences of the Six-Day War in 1967, leading to the occupation of territories deemed illegal by the UN, and the ongoing struggles in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The blockade of Gaza, the formation and goals of Hamas, and the contentious issue of Jerusalem are also dissected, shedding light on the complex factors contributing to the current state of affairs. This video provides a nuanced perspective on the historical and geopolitical dynamics shaping the Hamas-Israel conflict.


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