All Net Resort & Arena Sham is Finally Dead


After nearly a decade of bullshit and enabling by Las Vegas politicians and media, the alleged All Net Resort & Arena project is finally dead.

Clark County Commissioners voted 7-0 to deny an extension to All Net’s permits, essentially euthanizing the dreams of con artist Jackie Robinson, Founder and Chairman/CEO of All Net Development.

While we’re thrilled authorities finally came to their senses, we’re a little sad our decade of calling out this project’s dumbassery is coming to an end.

It was never a thing.

The All Net story is almost too wild to believe. It’s wishful thinking on steroids, to say the least.

If you’re bored, you’ll want to go back and read all our stories saying All Net was pure whimsy. In 2017, we wrote a story about All Net pushing dirt around.

This sort of theater happened every so often when permits were up for renewal and All Net needed to convince public officials the project was absolutely funded. It never had funding.

In Feb. 2022, we wrote about our paper of record, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, writing this doozy of a story, “Long-Planned Arena, Hotel Project on Strip Lands New Funding Package.” We called the reports of financing “a steaming pile of B.S.” Shocker, we were right, the Review-Journal was wrong.

Another round of WTF transpired in Oct. 2022. Jackie Robinson swore he had $6 billion in funding lined up, Commissioner Tick Segerblom confirmed it and local media went wild with breathlessly parroting the news. Oy, we said.

Around and around it went, for years.

All Net Resort and Arena
If it’s a rendering, it must be happening!

Predictably and hysterically, we’re told All Net brought in an excavator and backhoe to the site on the very day the commissioners were voting on permit extensions. We are not making this up.

If the All Net saga hadn’t been so sad, it would’ve been funny.

But the asshattery has meant a piece of real estate on the Las Vegas Strip has been idle when it could’ve been something cool.

It still could end up being something cool, but it won’t be All Net Resort & Arena.

Yes, Las Vegas will still get an NBA team, but it won’t be at All Net. It’s going to the Oak View Group resort, south of The Strip.

We are not a monster, so we feel a tiny bit sorry for the bullshit artists involved with All Net, including their slapped-together board of cluelss (or duplicitous) leadership team, but mostly not.

Let’s find a serious project to build on this site (between Fontainebleau and the Bonanza Gift Shop). Build a casino resort, or if you want to make money (the hotel market is saturated at the moment and for the foreseeable future, it’s about the get worse with the opening of Fontainebleau), make it into a waterpark again. The site was previously Wet ‘n’ Wild.

Sadly, we won’t have Jackie Robinson to kick around anymore, but we’ll find another delusional con man to badger. Has anyone figured out where Criss Angel spent all that PPP loan money, about $11 million total, during the pandemic?

Good riddance, All Net. Next up, Bleutech Park.


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