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Since October 7th, the relentless onslaught from Hamas has seen an alarming surge, with over 10,000 rockets unleashed towards Israel. To provide context, this surpasses the combined number launched during Operation Guardian of the Walls and Operation Protective Edge. This barrage of indiscriminate rocket fire, intended to inflict harm on Israelis, carries severe consequences.

It is noteworthy that a significant portion of these rockets, fired without discrimination, veer off course, posing a direct threat to the lives of Gazans. The tragic incident at Al Ali Hospital, struck by a misfired rocket from Islamic Jihad, serves as a grim reminder. This unfortunate event resulted in the loss of both gods and civilians.

Hamas compounds the risk of civilian casualties by launching rockets from densely populated areas, including mosques, youth centers, and amusement parks. This strategic choice significantly elevates the likelihood of harm befalling innocent civilians. To quantify this risk, approximately 1,000 rockets launched by Hamas have misfired since the onset of the conflict, finding their destructive path inside Gaza.

In the face of such circumstances, it is imperative to hold Hamas accountable for their actions, recognizing the gravity of the crimes committed against both Israelis and Gazans.


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