Will you Condemn Hamas or Will you Continue to be Silent?


Amidst my journey today, I carried international media into Gaza, inviting them to witness the ground reality. Hamas has systematically transformed hospitals in Gaza into a hub for their sinister operations. Beneath these medical facilities, they’ve constructed tunnels to orchestrate their strategies, creating a disturbing nexus between healthcare and warfare.

The ruthless nature of the terrorists we confront is laid bare – they wage war from the supposed sanctity of hospitals. This exploitation of protected spaces raises a poignant question for the global community: What action will you take to prevent Gaza’s hospitals from becoming terrorist strongholds in the future? Will you denounce Hamas, or will your silence persist?

Let me be unequivocal – Israel is in a state of conflict with Hamas, not with the people of Gaza. As the undeniable evidence of Hamas’s manipulation of Gaza’s hospitals unfolds before the world, the imperative to address this exploitation becomes more urgent. The international community stands at a crossroads – will it condemn or remain mute in the face of this blatant abuse of medical facilities?


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