Binance onboarded millions into finance but forgot the paperwork — Columbia professor

[ad_1] Recent events surrounding the crypto exchange Binance sparked significant debate about the United States’ crackdown on crypto firms. According to Omid Malekan, adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and author, the Department of Justice’s approach in the case is very different from what is seen in traditional finance. “People who sincerely believe that crypto […]

SEO Community Spotlight: London

[ad_1] London’s SEO community is a vibrant, thriving one. With so much ground to cover, we did some serious digging to showcase the city’s best SEO speakers, conferences, and meet-ups. London’s search community was nascent but sizable from the early noughties. By around 2010, small SEO meet-ups were happening with fair regularity across the city. As […]

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Opportunities, Challenges, and Impact on Society

[ad_1] The 2023 word of the year: artificial intelligence. And it’s pushing the boundaries of technology capabilities and human intelligence. As we venture further into the growth phase of artificial intelligence (AI), the landscape is filled with unparalleled innovations that promise to redefine our way of life. Such promises come with boundless opportunities and intricate […]

People Across The Globe Marched In Solidarity With Demonstrators In Iran

[ad_1] Thousands of people across the globe on Saturday marched in solidarity with the anti-government demonstrations in Iran as violent police crackdowns have continued against people who speak out against Iran’s mandatory hijab laws. In Berlin, police estimated that about 37,000 people had joined the German demonstration on Saturday afternoon. In Washington, DC, hundreds marched […]

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