Jenna Bush Hager
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Jenna Bush Hager, 42, admitted her husband of 15 years, Henry Hager, thought she was going to be showing America her bra while performing on TODAY on Wednesday morning. The host and her co-anchor Hoda Kotb gloriously performed their holiday song “Carefree Christmas” outside NBC Studios at Rockefeller Plaza and although there were sequins on display, no undergarments were seen. Jenna and Hoda both wore a black blazer over a matching sequined top and sequined pants.

“There is actually a glitter bra underneath this – and at first Henry thought I was wearing it open and I said ‘no honey, no sweetie,’” Jenna admitted to Daily Mail. “We might think we’re Mariah [Carey], but we aren’t!”

Both ladies also revealed they were a little nervous before the performance, but ended up having a great time. “Going in, I was a little bit edgy, but right when the music started, we felt the flow and it was fun!” Hoda told the outlet. “Here’s the other thing – it’s fun to do things that make you nervous!” Jenna added.

When asked if they’re hoping their Christmas song will be number one on the charts, Jenna didn’t hesitate to reply, “Yes we are!” before Hoda added, “We’re going to elbow our way in there because we have determination. And we should say that we were ahead of Mariah Carey on iTunes for a brief moment – and Cher! It was for seven seconds. We have proof!”

Hoda is referring to Mariah’s classic holiday hit, “All I Want for Christmas,” which was originally released in 1994 but continues to make the charts every holiday season. Cher’s new hit “DJ Play a Christmas Song” is also on the charts. “I think next Christmas we should drop a whole album,” Jenna also said after the Wednesday performance, while Hoda added that it’s “just the beginning.”

“We actually have a secret plan that we cant really reveal that we’re already thinking about,” Hoda excitingly continued. “You’ll see.”


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