U.N. Meeting Condemns Silence on Sexual Violence Amid Hamas Attacks


On Monday, a special session at the United Nations, led by Israel’s Permanent Mission and organized in part by Sheryl Sandberg, accused the international community of overlooking sexual crimes committed during Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israel. Witnesses presented gruesome details of the atrocities, including rape and mutilation.

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan stated, “On October 7, Israel suffered its most brutal massacre since the Holocaust,” describing the acts as more barbaric than those of ISIS and the Nazis. Witnesses, including volunteers who collected victims’ remains, shared harrowing accounts of sexual violence and mutilation.

Despite mounting evidence, Hamas denied the accusations, calling them part of “Zionist campaigns.” The event, attended by women’s activists and diplomats, emphasized the importance of exposing the crimes. Sheryl Sandberg stated, “Silence is complicity,” urging the world to acknowledge the heinous acts.

The United Nations, particularly UN Women, faced criticism for perceived silence on the sexual violence issue. Israeli officials accused UN Women of discrimination against Israeli women. The meeting aimed to shed light on the atrocities and hold perpetrators accountable.

UN Women released a statement condemning “the abhorrent attacks by Hamas against Israel” and expressed the need for a full investigation. However, the organization faced criticism for delayed and insufficient responses. The U.N.’s handling of the issue sparked protests, with accusations of a double standard regarding sexual violence.

Israeli officials, witnesses, and international figures stressed the urgency of addressing the sexual crimes committed by Hamas. The event underscored the global call for accountability and justice for the victims of the October 7 attacks.


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