Israel-Hamas war: Gaza tunnels are a key objective to wipe out Hamas: IDF


Amidst the escalating conflict in Gaza, the IDF intensifies its ground operations, advancing with tanks into three densely populated areas where hundreds of thousands of civilians are precariously situated. The map on your screens provides a detailed overview of the unfolding ground offensive, stretching from the northern to the southern strip. The Israeli military is heightening its efforts to eradicate Hamas militants, with over 600,000 people under evacuation orders in designated safe zones. However, civilians, trapped with no alternative shelter, implore the soldiers and the Israeli government for mercy.

Beyond ground operations, the focus now shifts to crippling Hamas. According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel has mobilized an extensive network of water pumps to flood the tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip, aiming to flush out fighters. The displayed map highlights the tunnels unearthed during Operation Protective Edge, some stretching up to 3 miles into Israeli territory. These were presumably intended by Hamas for holding Israeli hostages. Since the commencement of the ground offensive on October 27th, the Israeli military has identified at least 800 shafts leading to Hamas’s subterranean network, claiming to have destroyed 500 using various methods.

The IDF plans to obliterate the remaining tunnels by inundating them with saltwater. However, the potential repercussions on the already distressed Gaza Strip are profound. Releasing seawater could exacerbate the region’s water scarcity, intensifying the strain on Gaza’s aquifer, which is already growing saltier due to rising sea levels. The United Nations reports a drastic reduction in water supply since the start of the offensive, with Palestinians receiving a mere fraction of their previous daily allotment. Moreover, the flooding may contaminate Gaza’s soil and release hazardous substances stored in the tunnels, further compromising the groundwater table.

As Israel contemplates this strategy, questions arise about its feasibility and worthiness. Journalist and columnist L. Aron sheds light on the situation, emphasizing that the primary objective is to destabilize Hamas. The flooding of seawater is seen as a means to render the tunnels unusable, reinforcing the broader aim of breaking Hamas’s command structure.


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