Caesars Palace Refreshes Its Iconic Fountains


We’re calling F1’s recent wheelball tournament a disaster for Las Vegas (long story), but the debacle had some benefits, if you know where to look.

For example, Caesars Palace used F1 as a reason to refurbish its iconic fountains.

The Strip resort stripped the popular water feature down to its bones and spent just shy of a million dollars to upgrade the photogenic fountains facing Las Vegas Boulevard.

Coins tossed in the fountains for good lucky go to UMC Lions Burn Care Center. The center’s most famous patient is magician Criss Angel, who has been treated on numerous occasions for our burns related to his lack of a personality.

A number of Strip casinos used F1 as justification to invest in beautification.

Circus Circus was one of the more visible examples. The casino’s fresh coat of paint has been described as “lipstick on a pig,” but don’t knock the power of lipstick until you’ve talked to a Las Vegas escort.

We tease because we love, Circus Circus.

F1 defiled The Strip in a big way, and the organization is still slowly undefiling it (weeks later), but everyone can revel in the improvements and touch-ups inspired by the race.

Here’s a look at the rejuvenated Caesars Palace fountains in action.

How we have not received an Oscar for cinematography, we have no idea.

Don’t miss the nearby statue of a Sphinx. Yes, Caesars has a Roman theme and the Sphinx is Greek. This is not a BBC documentary, it’s a Las Vegas casino!

The fountain renovation has made a beautiful Las Vegas resort even more beautiful, and comes on the heels of other enhancements to the casino.

Caesars Entertainment spent a boatload on a new entrance earlier this year.

Caesars Palace finally built an entrance worthy of itself.

We’ve described Bellagio as “the MILF of The Strip,” but Caesars is decidedly masculine, so that would make it the “DILF of The Strip.”

Yes, every Las Vegas casino is male or female, masculine or feminine. Very few are non-binary. We won’t get into it, as we have already been canceled 46 times this week, enough is enough.

Anyway, Caesars Palace has made some eye-popping improvements, and it remains the crown jewel of the Caesars Entertainment portfolio.

There are more changes to come, and rumors have resurfaced a new tower could be built in the space where the “Absinthe” tent sits.

Back in March 2023, Caesars said it would demolish a small, Strip-side rotunda structure, but that plan’s in a holding pattern now. The company is considering whether there are any benefits to keeping it, putting it to another, yet undecided, purpose. If there’s a new tower, we’d wager the “Absinthe” tent could end up in the rotunda space, post-demolition.

Another Ramsay Fish and Chips, yes. Slushy drinks, no.

The rumor is the building would be torn down to make way for F1 stands, but due to lack of demand for the race, that plan was scrapped. We like it, it’s history. There used to be a moving walkway from the structure into the casino. One way. Classic Vegas!

Caesars Palace moving walkway
So many memories. Which we don’t have. We self-park.

You can still witness that clever casino strategy at The D, downtown. The casino’s outside escalator takes customers in, but it’s one way, just up. Guests have to walk by lots of slot machines to get out of the building.

All that to say we love the overhauled Caesars Palace fountains. They aren’t as flashy as the Bellagio fountains, but at least F1 didn’t block the view of the Caesars Palace fountains for months, so there’s that.

Here’s a look at how mucked up The Strip still is, weeks after F1. The general goal is to get things back to normal by New Year’s Eve, but progress has slowed to a sloth’s pace.

Don’t get us started.

We’re just thrilled Caesars Entertainment kept its fountains, well, fountains.

Some less-enlightened casinos have fallen victim to drought hysteria, replacing water features with fake grass and rocks.

As our fellow youths would say, stop this crap.

Enough with the theater and fake concern for some imagined water apocalypse. This has nothing to do with water, it’s a cost-cutting measure. Turn off the local news, stop listening to the fear mongering and make more beautiful things people from around the world can enjoy.

Elon’s going to fix everything with battery-powered desalinization plants and water tunnels. Mark our words.



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