As we delve into this topic, I’ll show you some ideas on how AR can be integrated into our daily lives beyond games and entertainment. Think about using AR to learn about things you see but don’t know much about, to help you when you’re driving, or to guide you through cooking your grandma’s special dish. There’s a lot we could do with AR, and I’m excited to share some examples with you.

Augmented reality makes it easy to explore and learn about the world around you. The AR devices might be able to identify objects you see and display more details about them in front of you. For example, if that’s a thing you might want to buy, it can suggest an option to look for similar products online.

An AR headset user views a real person on the street holding a red quilted bag. An augmented pop-up identifies the bag as a luxury brand with a clickable option to shop.
Photo by Laura Chouette

For the in-store experience, you might not even need the consultant, and learn everything you want about the product just by looking at it.

A viewer with AR glasses sees a real, white Tesla Model 3 in a showroom. An augmented digital overlay displays the car’s model, price, and features, with an option to view more details.
Photo by Kitai

Identifying objects can be even life-saving, for example, identifying potentially harmful objects, such as poison or toxic plants, or just providing details about the houseplant you’re considering purchasing.

An AR interface tags a lush White Bird of Paradise plant at a garden store, displaying its scientific name, Strelitzia nicolai, and an option to learn more.

Similarly, this capability could be beneficial for outdoor activities, where AR glasses could offer insights about fauna for both curiosity and safety. For instance, if you encounter wildlife on a hike, the glasses could suggest ways to avoid contact with that species — unless, of course, it’s just a squirrel.

A park scene with a real ground squirrel on the grass, with an AR overlay identifying the species as ‘Ground squirrel’ in the Rodentia order.


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