Self-sabotage in the UX design industry | by Olesia Vdovenko | Dec, 2023


The report summarizes the issues the design field is currently experiencing. While there are many articles discussing these separate issues and how people are experiencing them at the moment, I felt the need to add my thoughts to that and examine how our behavior has affected it.

While it’s reasonable to choose simpler terms when speaking with users and stakeholders, it doesn’t mean that designers should not know the lingo themselves. Professional jargon defines a profession in the same way a country is defined by its language and loses its identity when it loses it.

During my search for a suitable UX design position across various companies, I met many designers who didn’t know the proper terminology, some of whom held senior positions. While gaps in knowledge can occur due to a lack of appropriate education at the start of our journey, there are also people who are not even interested in improving their knowledge.

What does it matter if the client and user understand me?

What matters is that the integrity of the profession lies in its defined terms. Using incorrect terms with clients or getting confused in design conversations reflects poorly on the perception of the industry. And I think many problems in our industry start with the perception others have of it.

Case in point, information architecture confusion in the field. Sample is form an article on toptal.


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